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Your Choices for Kitchen Sink Styles

Your Choices for Kitchen Sink Styles

We spend a lot of time at the kitchen sink doing chores like the dishes or washing food. So, when planning your kitchen remodel, it is important that you think hard about what style of kitchen sink best suits your needs. Here are the 5 main style options you will come across when shopping for a kitchen sink:

Single Bowl Sinks

If you have limited space for your new kitchen sink, then it might be wise to get a single bowl style. You will find that it is easier to wash items like large pans and cookie sheets in one large bowl than in two smaller bowls. Another advantage of single bowl kitchen sinks is that they are usually cheaper.

Double (or Triple) Bowl Sinks

Because double bowl sinks take up more space, it is important to make sure that the bowls will be large enough to meet your needs – such as fitting in any large cooking pans or trays which you will need to clean. If counter space isn’t an issue, you can even find kitchen sinks with more bowls. These bowls come in varying sizes and shapes, so consider what you will be using the sink for before you buy.

Farmhouse Sinks (Apron Sink)

Farmhouse sinks come in varying sizes and shapes, and can have one or more bowls. What makes them distinct is that they are set into the counter so the front of them is exposed. This can make them into very stylish focal points of your kitchen. Some homeowners get creative, such as by setting a fireclay sink into an antique counter for a very impressive custom design. Since farmhouse sinks are generally considered designer sinks, they do tend to be pricier.

Top Mount Sinks

A top mount sink can be easily installed by dropping it down into your counter. This is great for your budget. However, top mount sinks do have a noticeable lip between the sink and the counter. It takes away from the aesthetics and kitchen gunk can buildup here.

Under-mount Sinks

Under-mount sinks are installed from underneath the counter so there is no lip as with top mount sinks. This creates a smoother, sleeker aesthetic and makes cleaning easier. The downside to these sinks is that they are harder to install, tend to be costlier, and don’t have space for faucets/fixtures so you will need to cut holes into your counter for these fixtures.

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