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Why Are Apron Sinks So Popular?

Why Are Apron Sinks So Popular?

Have you watched HGTV lately? Or visited a home decor website? It seems like everywhere we turn people are installing apron sinks, also known as apron front or farmhouse sinks. These large, deep sinks are definitely in vogue, and for good reason.

Apron front sinks were developed out of necessity; in the rural households of the 1800′s women spent long hours at the sink hand washing dishes with water brought up from the well or river, and the apron front’s design eliminated the need for leaning. The deep basin also allowed for large pots and pans. These sinks served farmhouses for decades, thus the name, “farmhouse sink.”

Here are a few more benefits offered by the apron front sink versus a common kitchen sink, according to Love Thy Farmhouse Sink:

  1. The farmhouse’s exposed front allows for more internal basin space, accommodating large pots, pans, and baking sheets.
  2. It also doesn’t require one to reach over any extra countertop while washing dishes – this ergonomic benefit is even more obvious for those who spend a substantial amount of time doing kitchen prep and cleaning.
  3. Surrounding kitchen cabinets are a bit more protected with farmhouse sinks because the apron front often extends past the cabinetry and any pooling water will usually drain to the floor instead of onto cabinets.

Today, apron sinks are available in copper, concrete, stone, stainless steel, and porcelain. They are as attractive as they are functional and are often installed simply because of the architectural statement they make. As beautiful as they are, these sinks are workhorses and are a great addition to any kitchen.

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