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What Kind of Countertops are Right for My Kitchen Remodel?

What Kind of Countertops are Right for My Kitchen Remodel?

The most important decision you will make when remodeling a kitchen is selecting the right countertop surface for your lifestyle and family. Although it may be very tempting to select a surface based on its appearance, there are many other factors that are equally important. Consider the surface material, maintenance, cost, how it will be used and its durability. Is the kitchen a high traffic area? Will the space be used every day? What are the budget restrictions? There are hundreds of colors, textures, patterns and surfaces to choose from that will influence your decision. Searching for the ideal surface for your family does not have to be a difficult task. Here are 3 of the most popular countertop surfaces to consider.


Granite is a budget friendly natural stone that is available in one of a kind shades of gray, white, green, beige and other hues. No two pieces are alike and are often purchased in large slabs. It is a very durable material and its non-porous surface allows for ease of maintenance. Its unique polished beauty is available in varying thicknesses and price will depend on variables such as finish, color and origin of stone. Natural variations and wider selections make granite the preferred choice for kitchen countertops.


Concrete countertops are gaining in popularity. They are constructed from a combination of mortar and sand and can be completely customized with a variety of color variations and the addition of stone pieces or recycled glass. Many homeowners prefer a concrete surface because of its industrial looking appearance. It is crafted by experienced contractors in the home as opposed to being mass produced in a factory. Concrete is available in several finishes such as ground, smooth and pressed. The surface must be sealed with wax once a year to maintain a heat and stain resistant surface.


Marble is a natural stone countertop that is referred to as a classic, timeless and elegant material. Its clean, bright appearance adds an element of formality and dressiness to any kitchen. It has a naturally cool surface and is ideal for baking. It is also waterproof, heatproof and features a lovely veining pattern throughout the surface. Although some types of rare marble can be very expensive, Carrera is the most common and least expensive natural countertop. Special care will have to be taken for this beautiful material because marble surfaces tend to scratch and stain easier that other surfaces.

Mix and Match

If you cannot decide on just one material, consider mix and matching surfaces. To differentiate the spaces, consider using a different material for the kitchen island than the rest of the counter surfaces. You can also inset other counter materials into the space for specific tasks while cooking. It may be a small area off to the side or in a central area. Another decision will be how to customize your countertops with decorative edges such as bevel, square, bullnose or radius. Visit a local kitchen showroom to view the numerous options available to ensure you will make the best decision for your home.

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