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TVs in Kitchens and Bathrooms: Pros and Cons

TVs in Kitchens and Bathrooms: Pros and Cons

Television: Luxury or Household Necessity?

Kitchens and bathrooms are not the most traditional places for housing a television. During a remodel, though, anything is possible. Today, many homeowners are adding television sets to their kitchens and bathrooms, incorporating the technology into the design of the room in different ways. Perhaps a television isn’t considered essential in the kitchen or bath but many homeowners today are thinking otherwise. Here are some pros and cons of including a television as part of kitchen or bathroom designs today.

Pros of Including a Television in a Kitchen or Bathroom

No doubt about it, when included in any room around the house, a television can be a constant source of entertainment. Kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms of the house where homeowners and their family members are most often spending time alone. Why spend that time in solitary silence when a television could be part of the room’s design? A television is an easy way to keep anyone company in a kitchen or bathroom. It’s a small design choice that can make the house feel more like home. Plus, television sets are quick and easy to install, making this luxury a realistic and simple option.

Cons of Including a Television in a Kitchen or Bathroom

Many of today’s interior designers refrain from including televisions in their kitchen and bathroom designs for a very basic reason. Televisions can be unsightly. Why break up the seamless beauty of a kitchen or bathroom design with a big, rectangular piece of technology? Additionally, safety precautions become a more practical reason for leaving a television out of a kitchen or bathroom design. Kitchens and bathrooms are perhaps the two rooms with the most water usage and spills. For this reason, these two rooms may not be the safest places to incorporate a television into their designs. Homeowners must take extra safety measures when including a television in a kitchen or bathroom, such as placing the television in a waterproof shield.

Televisions in Kitchens

Including a television in the kitchen is the perfect way to entertain the chef of the household while he or she prepares meals for the family. Get inspired by recipes on the Food Network or catch up on the daily news while chopping and simmering.

Televisions can be incorporated into kitchen designs in many striking, safe ways. Homeowners are choosing to include their flat screen televisions above their refrigerators, on a shelf within their cabinetry, near the microwave to create a cohesive look with rectangular shapes or even down low inside of the island.

A flip down television is another option to include the television within the design of the kitchen but away from view when not in use. These television sets attach to the underside of the bottom of a cabinet and have a small screen that flips down. The screen can flip back up to keep the device safe from spills and water damage.

If the look of a television is strange or downright unsightly to the remodeler, it’s easy to apply pocket doors around the television area to hide it from view.

Televisions in Bathrooms

Including a television in a bathroom may seem more unusual. However, more and more homeowners are choosing to hook up their cable while soaking in the tub.

If the wall is far enough away, a television on the wall facing the bathtub or toilet can be a fun and safe choice for placement of the device. In any case, it’s wise to fit the television with a glass shield case to protect both the homeowner and the device itself.

Some televisions on the market today are designed to fit right into the bathtub itself. These televisions arrive in a glass shield case, protecting both the device and its viewer from the dangers of the bath water.

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