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Trending Now: Kitchen Murals

Trending Now: Kitchen Murals

One of the newest trends and brightest new ideas in kitchen design is kitchen murals. It’s a fact that viewing and appreciating art has a positive impact on people. Most people experience enhancement to their lives. While art contributes to a feeling of well-being, it also creates personal enjoyment and helps beautify spaces.

When you think of using murals to beautify spaces, you might think of urban areas that have featured murals on buildings. They are usually painted by famous or local artists to help create a more pleasant space. The same thing holds true in people’s kitchens. Adding a kitchen mural offers a way to express one’s personality and to enhance and beautify the space.

Types of Kitchen Murals

There are several good ways to create a kitchen mural. They can be painted on an empty wall, or on one side of a kitchen island. Painted murals can feature techniques like gold or silver leafing, or special plaster techniques to add architectural interest. Wallpaper murals also add interest and can give the kitchen a cozy feel. Paintings can even be done on a large piece of canvas for a mural solution that is also portable.

Another way to create a kitchen mural is by using thoughtfully placed tiles to create a ceramic tile mural. They are often featured as a back splash in the kitchen. Many times they’re outlined in darker tiles to create an appealing mural frame. Decals offer another non-permanent way to create a kitchen mural.

Ceramic Tile Murals Are a Popular Trend

One of the most popular kitchen mural trends is ceramic tile murals. They’re often used to create a splash of color and add an interesting focal point in kitchens. Many ceramic tile murals also feature the qualities of heat resistance and are resistant to oil splashes. This makes them even more useful and beautiful in kitchens. Tiles can be placed in traditional horizontal and vertical patterns or in pretty diagonal patterns to create extra interest. Tiles come in many materials including natural stone, glass, slate and marble.

Kitchen Mural Themes

Some of the best themes for kitchen murals include food related themes like types of wine, fruits and vegetables and geographical themes that range from Italian designs to French themes, to Mediterranean scenery and art. Other themes that work well include vintage designs, scenery like barns and vineyards, farm animals and murals based on antique metal signs.

Room and home decor themes are also enhanced with murals. A country kitchen, for example, can feature country themed designs while an Asian themed kitchen can feature something as simple as a mural of Mount Fuji. A rustic themed home can feature lodge style accents along with woodland animals like elk, deer and moose. Snowy scenes and birch trees help create a special background.

Expressing Individual Design Through Murals

One of the nicest features of kitchen murals is being able to express individual design preferences. Our homes should emulate our unique personalities. When they do this, they become a comfortable oasis where everyone can gather and enjoy being at home and being with loved ones. Kitchen murals help make a kitchen unique.

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