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What’s Cooler than a Touchless Toilet?

What’s Cooler than a Touchless Toilet?

By now, you have probably seen the commercial for Kohler’s new touchless toilet. With a wave of your hand, the toilet magically flushes.

If you want this awesome technology in your own home, did you know you don’t have to buy a whole new toilet? That’s right, Kohler is also selling Touchless Toilet Flush Kits that can be installed in most standard toilets. It is battery-operated and simple to install.

This is great news for germaphobes, parents, and everyone who cringes at the thought of touching a germy toilet handle.

Learn more by watching the video below:

To find out where you can buy the Touchless Toilet Flush Kit from Kohler or one of their select toilets with the technology pre-installed, schedule an appointment with one of our professional consultants.

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