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Tips for Working with Your Remodel Contractor

Tips for Working with Your Remodel Contractor

When doing a home remodel, your contractor is the key to the project’s success – or failure. While a lot of it rests directly on the contractor, homeowners shouldn’t forget that they too share part of the burden. After all, the contractor works for you. If you don’t communicate your wishes to the contractor, then the contractor won’t be able to effectively realize the project. Here are some tips for working with your contractor so your remodel goes smoothly.

Read the Contract Carefully

It doesn’t matter what the contractor “promised” you (or what you thought was promised). If it isn’t written down in the contract, the contractor isn’t legally obliged to withhold those promises. Make sure you understand everything in the contract. Be sure that the contract specifies that any additional costs must be approved in advance.

Establish a Line of Communication

Problems and issues will undoubtedly arise during your remodel. Your contractor must be able to reach you to tell you about these issues, especially if your approval is needed before the workers can move forward. Otherwise, there will be delays – and added costs – to the remodel.

Visit the Site Daily

If you aren’t living in your home during the remodel, make sure that you are visiting every day to check on the progress. It is also a good idea to schedule updates with your contractor (daily or weekly depending on the size of the project) and have the contractor walk you through the space and tell you how it is going.

Order Items in Advance

Many homeowners order their own products for their remodel, such as fixtures and appliances.  Make sure you order these well in advance. Otherwise, they might not arrive on time and it can create serious delays to your remodel.

Give Compliments

Everybody likes to hear when they have done a good job. So take the time to tell your contractor and the workers when you are happy with the work. If you do this, they will be much more enthusiastic about the work. They will also be more responsive when you tell them that you don’t like something. Having refreshments available for the workers doesn’t hurt either.

Be Prepared for Problems and Extra Costs

Even the best contractors are likely to face unexpected problems and costs. Don’t blame your contractor for this (unless it is a very obvious oversight). That is what you have a contingency fund for!

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