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Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Remodel Budget Under Control

Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Remodel Budget Under Control

Your kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the house, and it is also the room which adds most value to your home. So, if you are doing a remodel, you will want to get it perfect. However, you are also on a budget and costs can quickly get out of control. Here are some tips for keeping your kitchen remodel budget under control.

Invest in Professional Plans

Sloppy plans are going to open you up for a lot of unexpected costs. For example, you might plan for bigger windows, then forget to budget in for the new trim which is needed. Investing in professional plans – with an attention to the tiniest details – can save you a lot of money in the long run from unexpected costs.

Communicate with Your Contractor

Your contractor is working for you, and should have the time to answer all your questions and explain the process. Knowledge of the remodeling process will help you avoid unexpected costs. Be open and honest with your contractor about what you expect and what your budget for the remodel is.

Budget for Permits

Many homeowners make the mistake of forgetting to budget for permits. Many contractors will obtain the permits for you, but these will be added to the cost. Look through the contract carefully to see if permits and fees are included.

Reface Cabinets instead of Replacing

Cabinetry often accounts for nearly 30% of a remodel budget. You can keep costs down by re-facing your cabinets instead of replacing them. Some options are refinishing them, painting the cabinets, or just removing the cabinet doors and replacing them. Even switching just the cabinetry hardware can make a big impact without making a big dent in your budget.

Try to Use Existing Plumbing

If you have to redo the plumbing in your kitchen, it will add a lot to your remodel budget. It also means more permits, more experts needed, and much more time for the remodel. Talk to your designer about ways to keep the existing plumbing in place while still getting the kitchen of your dreams.

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