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The future of water heaters: Advanced Hybrid Water Heating

The future of water heaters: Advanced Hybrid Water Heating

Isn’t it frustrating when your home’s hot water is either too hot, or not hot enough? Especially when you have little ones to look out for. Not to mention the energy cost of heating water for your home. That’s where a reputable water heater comes in. At Bath & Kitchen Showplace we only work with the finest brands and best quality in water heaters. If you are considering an upgrade, consider the Eternal: Advanced Hybrid Water Heater. Here’s the scoop.

Eternal: Advanced Hybrid Water Heating

The Eternal brands hybrid water heater is unlike any other on the market. This tankless heater uses the counterflow principle and is one of the most efficient water heaters out there. The Counter Flow design enters cold water from the bottom up. Heat is then pushed through 44 radiating transfer pipes.

Rather than reducing water pressure like typical water heaters, Eternal reuses the energy multiple times and pushes heat in 3 directions through the water. This is what maximizes the energy transfer.

This small water heater can replace multiple tanks, while supplying endless hot water. The efficiency and sleek, compact design make this a perfect fit for any home.

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