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The Biggest Home Remodel Mistakes

The Biggest Home Remodel Mistakes

About to start a remodel? Make sure that you don’t make these common remodel mistakes!

1. Buying Cheap Materials

There are some areas of a home remodel which you can save on but, with some areas, it really pays off to buy quality materials. For example, you will want to invest in high-quality flooring, countertops, and tiles as these components cannot be changed easily. Buying quality products means they will last longer and also add value to your home. If you are doing your remodel on a tight budget, talk to your remodel consultant about smart ways which you can save money.

2.  Inaccurate Measurements

In construction, the adage is “measure twice, cut once.” Well, this applies to remodels too! You’d be surprised how many homeowners measure incorrectly. Even a half inch can throw off your entire plan, especially with custom pieces. Also be on the lookout for measurement issues, such as if your floors or walls are sloped (common in older homes).

3.  Redoing Everything

Just because you are doing a complete remodel, it doesn’t mean you’ve got to gut everything. You can probably save a lot of money on your remodel by reusing certain components of your home, such as doors, fixtures, or even molding.

4.  Going with the Trends

Some remodel trends – like green products – are worth following. However, other trends die hard. You wouldn’t want to wake up next year and realize that your new ultra-modern kitchen ruins the feel of your Victorian home and will probably hurt its chances of selling. When it doubt, go with the timeless remodel options that fit the style of your home.

5.  Not Thinking about Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient products may cost more, but they are really worth investing in. With products like appliances with Energy Star Tier I ratings, the extra cost can quickly pay off by saving you money on your utility bills. Don’t forget about efficiency in other areas too though. For example, buying quality windows, doors, and insulation can save you a bundle on your home heating and cooling costs – not to mention reduce your carbon footprint!

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