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Tasteful Decorating for the Holidays for your Bathroom and Kitchen

Tasteful Decorating for the Holidays for your Bathroom and Kitchen

Kitchens and bathrooms are two rooms that are often overlooked when it comes to decorating for the holidays. That doesn’t mean that they should be neglected. Your kitchen and bathroom are two places where your holiday guests will eventually end up, so if you enjoy decorating for the holidays, here are some tasteful decorating tips for those rooms. 

Unused Space
You can utilize standard holiday décor in your kitchen and bath that you would normally use in your family room and entryway. A large, simple, clear glass jar or vase filled with holiday ornaments, pine cones, and lights will make a big impact in a corner that is rarely used. 

Lighting Considerations
If you use holiday lighting, keep it away from sinks and other sources of water for safety reasons. If in doubt, battery powered LED lights work awesome and last a long time using standard batteries. If you go with white LED lights, buy the “warm white” ones or you will end up with a blue-white hue that is cold and uninviting.

Use Temporary Hanging Accessories
Take advantage of removable hooks and suction cups that allow you to hang decorations on walls, windows, and mirrors. Use one on any surface to hang a wreath or other wall décor. Temporary hooks and hangers are secure and won’t damage your walls or other surfaces. 

Use Vertical Space
If you are low on counter space, utilize the vertical space to make the most of your holiday displays. Platters, cake stands, and candle holders can be stacked to create tiered a holiday display. Secure any stacked items and keep them far enough away from the edge of the surface where little hands can find them. These tiered surfaces also allow you to use your deserts, like cookies and cupcakes, as décor. Just decorate them with colored sprinkles or icing that coordinates with your décor.

Look Up
Space above eye level is easy to forget, but is a great place to decorate. The top of your kitchen cabinets, over windows, and chandeliers can be great places to decorate. Hang ornaments or pine cones from a chandelier with fishing line, drape garland around the top of kitchen cabinets, and hang a lighted garland around the top of the bathroom mirror.

If you have children, or child visitors, there are many child-friendly décor items for the kitchen and bath. For a children’s bathroom, consider toilet seat covers adorned with holiday characters, coordinating shower curtains, and hand towels. These safe items will delight children and don’t create a hazard for small children.

You can use similar ideas in the kitchen with children in mind by decorating with character-themed kitchen towels, window curtains, table cloths, and plush character decorations. Use rubber underneath table cloths to prevent children from pulling them off the table and spilling food and drink.

Decor Makes a Home Inviting
Kitchens and bathrooms should not be forgotten during the holiday season. Your home will look and feel more inviting and warm, creating an atmosphere that is comfortable and relaxing. Try to think outside the box and keep children and safety in mind when decorating in these rooms.

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