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Interactive Kitchen Planner from Kohler

With Kohler’s new Interactive Kitchen Planner, you can be your own designer. It all starts with you choosing your style, whether it be contemporary, eclectic, traditional, transitional, or designer-inspired — and from there you get to choose your sink,faucet, countertops, and more. It’s fun and easy to begin creating your dream kitchen.

Get your kitchen Christmas ready

Is your kitchen ready for Christmas?

Most kitchens see a surge of traffic during the holidays. Make sure your sink, faucet, and appliances are up to the challenge.

Take a look at the photos below and pretty soon you will notice they all have something in common – an apron front sink!

This type of sink is excellent for all cleaning and cooking functions. Get one installed before the holidays!

Choosing a bath faucet: the basics

What you need to know before going shopping for a new bathroom faucet (thanks, Delta):

Introducing beautiful Bellegrove™ Kitchen Sinks

With its deep double equal basin and KOHLER enameled cast iron construction, Bellegrove easily accommodates large pots and pans and a wide range of kitchen tasks. This sink comes with a convenient accessory bundle that includes two reversible racks to protect the surface from scratches, a sponge caddy that fits over the sink saddle, and a bottle of cast iron cleaner to help the sink look newer, longer.

Bellegrove comes in 18 gorgeous cast iron colors.

Schedule an appointment to learn more:

Need a water heater?

Even though water heaters may not be the sexiest or most fun fixture to shop for during your bath or kitchen remodel, they are nonetheless pretty important!

Featured Manufacturer: Brizo

When was the last time you had a really amazing shower? When you were not only cleansed, you were refreshed and rejuvenated for the day…

Take a moment to check out our featured manufacturer, Brizo, and discover how great your shower can truly be:

Sensori is the ultimate expression of Brizo’s vision for the shower. Combining luxury and customization with leading-edge design, Sensori takes the simple act of showering and transports you to another world. It’s a world where technology and craftsmanship not only look beautiful — they feel positively indulgent.

And that is just one of Brizo’s shower systems.

View their complete line of shower systems here, and then schedule an appointment with one of our consultants at The Bath & Kitchen Showplace so we can help you transform your shower experience.

The best touchless faucet

One of the great things about modern technological advances is that some of them really do add convenience to our everyday lives.

Take the Sensate touchless pull-down faucet by Kohler, for instance. It turns on without you even having to touch it, making kitchen prep a breeze.


Whether you are doing a complete overhaul of your kitchen or bath, or just an upgrade, we know how much work is involved. We also know how many options are available for fixtures, accessories, and all the minor details that can cause major stress. But don’t worry, we are here to help. All you need to do is schedule an appointment with one of our professional consultants and we will help you through the entire process. Now, aren’t you glad you stumbled on this site?

Click here to schedule an appointment at one of our 22 Texas locations:

5 small kitchens

These 5 small kitchens prove that you can have both beauty and functionality in a small space.

It’s all about texture in this kitchen

Texture is abundant in this kitchen, including octagonal marble wall tiles, quartz countertops, weathered-wood balustrades and leather-seat bar stools.

Our Vinnata faucet completes the look:

Source: Kohler Facebook Page

Featured Manufacturer: Brizo

“Luxury should do more than simply look good.”

Brizo is a fashion brand for kitchen and bathroom faucets, brining eco-friendly style into your home.

Check out shower systems from Brizo:



Now that we are well into July – and into summer! – we’d like to take a look back and see which of our posts were the most popular last month! Check out what our readers were searching for and enjoying on our website…

Designer faucets for bath and kitchen

Today we are highlighting our manufacturer Mico Designs.

Their motto is: “The difference between a water faucet and a designer faucet is the difference between adequate and exquisite.”

Take a look at some of their exquisite designs below:

Outdoor showers: new home trend 2013

This year the trend of homeowners moving their living spaces outdoors continues with the gaining popularity of outdoor showers, and outdoor bathrooms in general. Worried about privacy? Creative landscaping can take care of that. Outdoor bathing areas are called  ”eco-friendly luxuries” but they can also be very practical, especially if you live near the beach or have a large backyard and don’t want people tracking mud or sand inside.

Kitchens by Kohler

Get inspired with these home ideas presented by Kohler!


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