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A truly modern kitchen

Check out this beautiful, modern, and hyper-functional kitchen created by Designer Angelica Henry of Angelica Henry Design.

“[The owners] wanted it all in a kitchen that would serve well for daily cooking as well as entertaining,” said Henry.

She achieved just that in this well-executed space:

5 small kitchens

These 5 small kitchens prove that you can have both beauty and functionality in a small space.

It’s all about texture in this kitchen

Texture is abundant in this kitchen, including octagonal marble wall tiles, quartz countertops, weathered-wood balustrades and leather-seat bar stools.

Our Vinnata faucet completes the look:

Source: Kohler Facebook Page


Sometimes you can be surprised by the kitchen style that really calls to you. The proof is in the pictures.

See below for the article from

Award-winning design projects from NKBA

The 2013 National Kitchen and Bath Association Design Competition-winning projects are now on! Peruse through some fascinating‪ designs‬ in their new ‎inspiration‬ gallery:

Kitchens by Kohler

Get inspired with these home ideas presented by Kohler!

Today’s featured kitchens on

Everything from contemporary to cottage to traditional.

Get your design inspiration on!


Do you have a flair for the dramatic? Make a bold statement with either an all white or all black kitchen. Whichever you prefer, the Bath & Kitchen Showplace has fixtures, hardware, and accessories to complement your style.


Here are some beautiful and high functioning kitchens from the HGTV Designers’ Portfolio to inspire you today!


Fresh colors to brighten your kitchen from House Beautiful!

Click on the image below…


We’ve all been in this situation before: You are on vacation at a time-share at the beach, or a cabin in the mountains…or you’re visiting some friends and cooking in their kitchen, and you can’t find the utensils, pots, pans, spices–ANYTHING you’re looking for.  It’s all in the wrong place.  Drawers are too big, too small, pots and pans seem to be far away from each other, and the glass ware is above the refrigerator–WHO DOES THAT?  Right?

If you’re grinning, and nodding your head with awareness, It may be that you have the same sense of annoyance with your own kitchen.  What we’re talking about is the concept of “flow”.

We all work differently in the kitchen, and we all have habits.  The way we “flow” from task to task can either make cooking and cleaning a pleasure or a pain.  If you’re a family, it can make meal-time and clean-up a dreaded task or a time of ease and sharing.  When considering kitchen redesign, consider this:

  • Where do you keep your most used appliances?  Are they cluttering much-needed counter space because there is not a large enough space to store them?
  • Are your day to day dishes, cups and flatware mixed in with serving spoons, special occasion china and flatware, making it a mess to sort through?
  • Do you find that you’re often turning around, bending, stooping, bumping into appliances, drawers and cabinets because your kitchen area has no rhyme, reason or flow, or because your space just doesn’t seem to make sense?
  • What are your kitchen activities?  Think on this.  When you cook, what are your first, middle, and last steps?  Do you clean as you go?  Do you need ample counter space for prep work?  Do you enjoy having a wine rack close by so you can enjoy wine with friends as you cook?  How often do you use spices, and how organized are they?  How many meals do you cook, or do you often grab and go, or reheat leftovers?
  • Is your kitchen the command center of your home?  Do other members of your family assist in cooking and cleaning?  Would optimizing your kitchen’s “flow” make them more likely to help, or make this easier?

These questions and considerations are the “tip of the ice-berg lettuce” for making changes for the better!

Ask one of our professional consultants for advice:



Top 16 Modern Kitchen Design Trends 2013

Modern kitchen design trends for 2013 reflect the growing popularity of cooking and eating at home. Saving money, improving health, having more fun and entertaining friends in homes, spending more time with families and love for homemade meals make cooking a hobby that requires professional, ergonomic, attractive and functional kitchen designs.

Kitchen design trends 2013 are influenced by modern interior design trends that bring the interconnection and organic design into modern homes, changing perspectives and opinions about the good and organic food, proper eating habits and homemade meals, improving health, life quality and vitality.

Here are 16 modern kitchen trends 2013 that will help select the best kitchen designs for your homes, wisely spend mony on kitchen renovation and save money on kitchen redesign, while creating impressive and stylish, comfortable and functional, pleasant and inviting kitchen interiors for modern lifestyle:

16 modern kitchen trends 2013




Absolutely love this look posted on Kohler’s Facebook page:

Cabinets fashioned from reclaimed wood lend warmth and character to this LEED-certified Platinum kitchen, while the chalkboard-painted bar offers a blank slate for creativity or assigned seating.

Browse Kohler’s kitchen gallery:
See the Karbon faucet:


Following a few simple tips can help create a kitchen that is functional for every user, and that follows universal design guidelines:

Kitchen design inspiration from Kohler

Creamy hues, vintage décor and a traditional bridge faucet give this sunny southern kitchen a warm, nostalgic vibe.


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