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Smart Tips for Making Your Small Kitchen Functional

Smart Tips for Making Your Small Kitchen Functional

Kitchens are the hub of every home, and small kitchens seem to pose more problems than solutions. Just because a kitchen is small in space doesn’t mean it’s small in style or functionality. When a homeowner learns the proper way to maximize space, small kitchens become more functional, and the size no longer matters as much. Even when there’s little storage space and/or counter space, small kitchens don’t have to frustrate homeowners.

Add Floating Shelves
It’s more cost-effective to add floating shelves to empty spaces than actual cabinets, and many homeowners appreciate this chic look. Not only is it sophisticated, it’s functional. It allows homeowners more space to store aesthetically pleasing dishes and glassware, and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Convert Baseboards
Most homes feature several inches of space beneath cabinets with nothing but a baseboard covering them. One idea to maximize space and functionality in a small kitchen is for homeowners to turn those empty spaces into drawers. It’s a DIY project for some, but it might require the help of a handyman for others. Either way, the space can be used for baking pans, pizza pans, or seasonal dishes that only make an appearance a few months out of the year.

Customized Cabinets
Every house has a few cabinets that aren’t used often. They’re too big for anything homeowners need to store. They don’t offer shelving for smaller items. They’re used up by only a few small kitchen items. It happens all the time, but many homeowners choose to fix this problem by installing custom cabinets. Every homeowner has a chance to create a cabinet system that works based on personal preference. Whether it’s a small cabinet designed specifically for spices or a big corner cabinet with a lazy Susan to maximize every corner, custom cabinet choices are endless.

Rolling Islands
Small kitchens typically don’t feature islands. They’re too big, and the space is too small. If a homeowner has a place to store a rolling island, however, it’s the perfect addition to any small space. Not only does it have storage capabilities, it also allows homeowners to bring it out when additional counter space is needed. When it’s no longer needed, the island is easily rolled back into a pantry or storage closet.

Maximize Odd Spaces
Some homes feature odd layouts where there’s a little extra room for additional items in between things like the fridge and the wall. A custom rolling pantry that pulls out is perfect for a space like this. It allows homeowners to pull things out as they are needed, as well as ensure they can store things without making the kitchen look more cluttered.

Small spaces have the potential to become big on space and style, but homeowners can’t always see that without a little help from the professionals. Sometimes it takes touring a kitchen showroom to see how upscale custom items and designs enhance spaces that seem hopeless to homeowners. Size matters, but not nearly as much as homeowners imagine when it comes to the kitchen.

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