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Shower Systems: Recessed Showers vs. Shower Towers

Shower Systems: Recessed Showers vs. Shower Towers

Ready to pick out a new shower fixture?  Homeowners today have two main options for shower fixtures: recessed showers and shower towers.  Each of these has its own unique pros and cons which need to be considered.

Recessed Shower Fixtures

Recessed showers are the more traditional fixtures which most people have in their bathroom showers.  They are set into the shower wall so you only see the individual units like the shower head, temperature control valve and (with bathtubs) the tub faucet.


Many people prefer the appearance of recessed shower fixtures because you only see the parts which you actually use.  Buyers also have many more style options, such as different finishes and designs.


Since recessed shower systems are set inside the shower wall, it makes it very difficult to repair or replace the fixtures.  A plumber would have to break through the shower tile to perform tasks like cartridge replacement.  For this reason, recessed shower systems are only a good choice if you don’t plan on remodeling again anytime soon.

Shower Tower Fixtures

Recently, there has been a growing trend towards shower towers.  Shower towers are units which mount on the shower wall and consist of all of the components you need like the shower head and temperature controls.


The main benefit of shower towers is that they can be installed without having to break through the shower wall.  This makes tasks like cartridge replacement cheaper, faster, and easier.  It also makes it much easier to upgrade to a new shower fixture in the future.   Most shower towers can easily be retrofitted over recessed shower towers too.

Another pro of shower towers is that they are usually very rich in features like push-button controls and massage settings.


The major downside of shower towers is that not everyone likes the appearance of them.   Buyers also won’t find as many style options as they would with recessed shower towers (though this is changing as shower towers become more popular).  Because shower towers usually have so many features, they do tend to be pricier than their recessed counterparts.  If you wish to install a shower tower in a shower with a bathtub, you will still need a tub faucet and might have trouble finding one which matches the tower.

For guidance choosing the best shower for your bathroom remodel project, schedule a consultation with one of our kitchen & bath professionals!

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