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Should My Shower and Bath Be Together or Separated? 

Should My Shower and Bath Be Together or Separated? 

One of the most-discussed home design variations is the separation of parts of the traditional bathroom. Even professional designers are split fairly evenly on this matter. This distinction is especially important for luxury bathroom fixtures because the customer has already made the investment in a good appearance, so it only makes sense to make sure it counts.

The Traditional Bathroom
The traditional bathroom simply has the shower and bath together in the same room. This is the style of most homes, and it may be more convenient for people who are showering and sometimes want to take a bath. This approach can afford more options and make mornings and evenings more relaxing. However, it isn’t necessarily the best for some houses.

Stand Alone Shower
The stand alone shower has its benefits, as well. If someone wants to have multiple bathrooms in a smaller house, for example, it makes sense to install one stand alone shower in one bathroom and a full bath tub in another bathroom. Whether a customer elects to put in a stand alone shower boils down to personal preference. Some people like to have a pragmatic bathroom for mornings with a minimalist shower and no tub. They feel this doesn’t tempt them to take long baths in mornings when they really cannot afford to do so. Their other bathroom might contain a full tub where they can go to relax in the evenings.

Placing a Stand Alone Shower
Stand alone showers can be positioned strategically to maximize use of the space you have now. For example, many homes have small rooms that would not accommodate a bath tub, yet they would fit a small shower just fine. As a matter of fact, even though it deviates from common tradition, there is no reason someone couldn’t make a room solely a shower and a sink without a toilet. This could be perfect as an “express” bathroom. If a person wants the bath experience in a stand alone shower, there are many benches available for shower installation. This can let the customer at least sit down as they take a shower and function as a sort of hybrid between a full bath and a shower.

Placing a Full Tub with Shower
Placing a full bath tub with a shower component is a good idea if there is a slightly larger area with good ventilation. You can make your tub a more effective shower if you install gripping pads on the bottom. This is so that it can be safely and effectively a standing shower and bath tub. The shower fixture typically does not cost much more than the whole installation of the tub, so it would be logical to get this while upgrading or creating a tub and shower combination.

The Final Verdict
There is no absolute answer to whether it’s better to have a stand alone shower or a shower and tub in one. It all depends on drastically varying factors, like how many people live in a house, what their lifestyles are like, and even design pattern preferences.

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