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Remodel Tips for a Beautiful (Yet Functional!) Small Bathroom

Remodel Tips for a Beautiful (Yet Functional!) Small Bathroom

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so it is frustrating when you have a limited amount of space to work with. Follow these tips for your small bathroom remodel and you can have a great-looking space which is still functional.

Use a Shower Panel Instead of a Door

Shower doors close off the space, which makes your bathroom look smaller. You can overcome this problem by using a shower panel instead (a glass or mirrored panel which only covers about ¼ of the bath length). The panel stops splashing but keeps your bathroom space open.

Choose a Floating Sink with Storage Underneath

Pedestal sinks are usually the go-to choice for small bathrooms because the empty space under them makes the bathroom appear larger. Floating sinks achieve this same illusion, but are generally more attractive. Floating sinks also mean you’ve got storage room underneath, and some even come with floating storage drawers or shelves.

Put the Sink in the Corner

By positioning your sink in the corner, you will take advantage of space which often goes to waste. Plus, you also won’t have to worry about walking around the sink each time you need to use the toilet.

Mount Sink Fixtures on the Wall

If you mount the fixtures directly onto the wall, it will allow you to set the sink right against the wall. This means you can choose a full-sized sink bowl without it jutting too far into your floor space. Wall-mounted sink fixtures can also look gorgeous.

Choose a Floating Toilet

Just like how a floating sink can create the illusion of more floor space, a floating toilet will do this too. Another added benefit of the floating toilet is that it is easier to clean the bathroom floor.

Get Curvy!

If you have a really small bathroom, the last thing you want is sharp corners jutting out. By opting for curving pieces, such as a round vanity, you reduce the risk of jabbing yourself on corners. Curving designs also have longer edges, which makes your bathroom appear bigger. So, opt for unusual elements like curved fixtures or asymmetrical curved bathtubs.

Need help with your small bathroom remodel? Schedule an appointment with one of our professional consultants and let’s get started!

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