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Preparing your Bathroom for the Holidays

Preparing your Bathroom for the Holidays

For a follow up from one of our previous posts, Preparing your Kitchen for the Holidays, we now tackle the bathroom!

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two hardest working rooms in the home. Whether you have a large or small guest bathroom, there are a few things you can do with minimal effort that can make a maximum impact.

The goal here is to make your guest bathroom inviting as well as functional for your holiday guests.

One of our featured manufacturers, Kohler, has some great ideas for us:

1. Upgrade your toilet seat.

Toilet seats can run the gamut from practical to luxurious. But even the most basic toilet seat update can add a better quality to life in your bathroom. Check out these options:

  • Many of our toilet seats offer added benefits including the Quiet-Close™ lid that won’t slam, Quick-Attach® and Quick-Release® hardware that let you install and remove the seat quickly for thorough cleaning and the Grip-Tight rubber bumpers that prevent shifting.
  • Nightlight toilet seats illuminate the toilet tank and bowl in a gentle light that helps guide nighttime bathroom goers to the toilet without disrupting their nighttime vision.Buy Nightlight.

2. Update your toilet’s technology.

Transform your existing toilet to a no-touch flush toilet with the easy-to-install Touchless™ flush kit. There’s no lever to touch, so there’s fewer germs to pick up and leave behind. With a sensor-activated flush, you and your guests can flush with just the wave of a hand.

3. Swap out your showerhead.

Changing your showerhead is one of the easiest ways to vastly improve the quality of your bathroom. Not sure where to start? Watch our signature shower sprays in action. And then consider the following:

  • Upgrade to a multifunction showerhead. Flipside®, available in showerhead or handshower, offers four sprays in one clever and fun-to-use design. So you and your guests can get the spray experiences you desire. Buy Flipside.
  • Bring music to your bathroom. Make guests feel at home by letting them jam to their own tunes in the shower with the Moxie® showerhead + wireless speaker. It’s easy to install and with four lively new colored wireless speakers you can brighten up your space. Or enjoy your music in a spa-like spray of the Moxie rainhead + wireless speaker.
  • Add more components, easily.  HydroRail® shower columns allow you to add a rainhead or showerhead, slidebar and handshower without changing any behind-the-wall plumbing. And, you can install it in an afternoon’s time.

4. Add accessories.

One of the easiest ways to add sophistication to your bathroom is to simply replace yourcabinet hardware and towel holders. Match finishes with your faucet for a coordinated look.

5. Get a new faucet.

Don’t settle for a dated, lackluster or even leaky faucet. Now’s the time to replace it with a shiny new model. Find out which faucets will fit your sink by counting its faucet holes and find one that suits your style.

6. Install a new medicine cabinet.

Think about adding a new medicine cabinet to bring added storage space to the bathroom. Surface-mount options are easy to install and don’t take up any extra square footage. Clear counters and enjoy a clean, organized bathroom.

For help locating any of these products, or guidance selecting your own, schedule an appointment with one of our professional consultants at The Bath & Kitchen Showplace.


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