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MaP Testing and Toilet Ratings

MaP Testing and Toilet Ratings

In the market for a new toilet? You probably aren’t going to be able to test it out until you buy it, which means that you won’t be able to see for yourself how it performs. This used to be a big problem because there were so many variations between toilets. A toilet might, for example, be very efficient with water but do a bad job of flushing out waste. Luckily, a man named Bill Gauley stepped in to solve the problem of rating toilets.

In the 1990s, Gauley purchased a new low-flush toilet. An engineer, he was interested in whether the toilet really used as little water as it claimed. So, he devised a system for testing it. He was surprised to find that the toilet actually used much more water than it was rated for. This led him to start his own firm which tests toilets. Gauley’s firm uses a testing system known as MaP toilet testing.

There have long been consumer reports for toilets, but these reports generally just check to make sure the toilet is up to plumbing codes or meet certain water-use requirements. Until Gauley came along with MaP, there weren’t any tests which replicated “real world” demands. The MaP toilet test uses a “fecal simulation” of soybean paste and toilet paper to see how well the toilet flushes. Each toilet is tested to failure: more soybean paste is continuously added to the toilet until the toilet can no longer remove the waste in one flush.

Since 2003, MaP has tested over 3,500 toilets and published the results in a searchable online database. You can search for a specific toilet model, or you can search through all of the toilets in the database by performance, manufacturer, and features.

Visit to start searching.

The MaP toilet testing has caused manufactures to improve their toilet designs so they don’t just meet federal regulations, but also meet real-world demands of users. Because of this, it is easier than ever for consumers to choose a toilet for their homes.

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