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KITCHEN: Storage ideas and hacks to simplify your space

KITCHEN: Storage ideas and hacks to simplify your space

Having a small kitchen can be super frustrating, especially for people who like to cook. Even small space has a lot of potential, though. With these hacks for small apartments or houses, you can make the most out of the space you have and start to love your petite kitchen.

Maximize Your Cabinet Doors
The insides of cabinets can provide a lot of extra storage space. All you have to do is hang a cork board or a magnetic board on the inside of the cabinet door. Put up your shopping lists and small containers for holding items like spices, gum and other small items. You can also use chalkboard paint on the inside of your cabinets and use them for making lists – this may help keep your multiple lists off your refrigerator door, which will quickly make your kitchen look decluttered.

Store Your Knives Smartly
In a small kitchen, there’s usually a shortage of both drawer space and counter space. Since you’ll need your knives close by, especially if you cook a lot, you can’t exactly store them too far from the stove. Use the backsplash behind your stove to keep them within arm’s reach. Put up magnetic strip and then hang the knives (and other metal utensils) you use most frequently.

Take Advantage of an Empty Wall
It can be hard to notice the blank space you have in your kitchen, but unused areas can be converted into storage. If you have a wall or part of a wall that you’re not using, consider putting up shelves. Open shelves will give you extra room as well as easy access to your items. If you store your nicer dishes and appliances on them, you can brighten up the space, too. Even a tiny bit of space on either side of a window can be maximized with slim shelving.

Storing Your Pots and Pans
You’ve probably seen gorgeous copper pots and pans hanging from the ceiling in super fancy homes, but this featured isn’t just for the rich. You can get a scaled-down version and hang some of your frequently used pots and pans overhead. If you don’t want to put a fixture overhead, consider putting hooks on the ceiling of your cabinets and hanging them there.

Keep Bulk Foods in Smaller Containers
If you like to buy in bulk in order to save money, keep smaller portions of the foods in air-tight containers. Big boxes or bags of cereal, crackers and even dog food can be stashed away in a closet and only taken out to refill your containers. Plus, storing your food like this will keep it fresh for longer.

Get Rid of Your Table
If you need a surface to eat on but your kitchen table is taking up a majority of the space, consider having a folding table built into the wall. You can bring in a couple of folding chairs or slim stools for when you’re ready to dine-in, the fold it up out of the way when you’re finished.

Take a good look around your kitchen to find space that’s being unused. If you have tall cabinets and are only using the bottoms of them, consider hanging items. If you have wall space that’s blank, think of what you can put up to make your life easier. If you need extra help, talk to experts who renovate kitchens for a living.


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