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KITCHEN: Our Favorite Kitchen Hacks from Space Saving to Cleaning

KITCHEN: Our Favorite Kitchen Hacks from Space Saving to Cleaning

No matter how much space you have in your kitchen, you want it to be well organized and a cinch to clean.

We’ve found a few hacks for keeping kitchen spaces sparkling and finding extra space in places you may not have considered that can quickly and easily expand your kitchen area.

Same-shape containers 
Storing dried pantry items such as legumes, pasta and other store-bought items that come in varying sizes of packaging can be difficult. Putting them in same-size containers makes it a breeze to see what you have on hand and pull the rice out of the cupboard without spilling the beans.

Cupboard door shelving
That bit of space between the cupboard door and the shelving can offer a huge area for storing the wee bottles and jars that contain all those must-have spices, sauces and rubs. The petite packages tend to take up a lot of room rolling around a large cupboard, so keep them tidy and tightly stored in an indoor cupboard shelf. They are an inexpensive buy and easily attach with screws to the inside of most cupboards.

Cutting board for over the sink
Is your counter space at a premium? Expand your precious prep area with a long cutting board that fits snugly over your sink. This inexpensive hack also creates an easy clean up area for slicing, dicing and chopping. All the little food bits get swiftly swept into the sink rather than all over the counter or floor.

Pan lids
There are many organization systems out there for this constant storage dilemma. The many lids for all those pans only get used about half the time, so they tend to get in the way of every day cooking. By installing a simple curtain rod, you can store those oversized and unwieldy lids on the side of a large pantry or along a backsplash. The shallow u-shape of the curtain rod nicely holds the pot tops by their knobs or handles. This can also be a visually appealing aesthetic in your kitchen space if you line them up in shape and size, arrange them by color or other appealing design.

Clean the Coffee Maker, Cutting Board and Copper Pots
Lemon and salt go a long way in the kitchen. To remove burnt coffee from the bottom of a carafe, disinfect cutting boards and make copper pots shine, rub lemon all over the surface and liberally cover with salt. After letting it sit for a bit, use the lemon to scrub the area. After a good scrub, let the salt mixture sit on the surface for a good 5 minutes before rinsing and washing with soapy water.

Clean under the Refrigerator and Oven
Foreign objects tend to find their way deep under those heavy kitchen appliances. The notoriously difficult and narrow spaces can easily be cleaned with an old pair of panty hose and a broom handle. Stretch the panty hose over the handle and sweep it from side to side under the appliance. The panty hose tiny fibers will pick up dust and dried bits that you can then sweep up.

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