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KITCHEN | Expanding: How to plan effectively.

KITCHEN | Expanding: How to plan effectively.

The decision to expand a kitchen is often primarily made out of necessity. A kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, but it can unfortunately be rather small or may have an impractical design. While it is most commonly equated to meal preparation tasks, this space is often also used as a prime spot for a family gathering each day as well as for entertaining family and friends. If you have decided to expand your kitchen soon, take time to focus your attention on these steps to ensure the most effective design plan available.

Make a List of Must-Have Features
Because of how functional a kitchen is on many levels, you likely have a lengthy list of must-have features for your space. This may include practical matters, such has finally having a storage space in your cabinetry to hide the toaster when it is not in use. It may include practical matters, such as creating a dine-in space on a huge island. You may also need more space for traffic to maneuver, and you may even want your dishwasher relocated to a more desirable location away from the open door of the refrigerator. These are just some of the many items you may include on your list of kitchen expansion goals. This list can serve as a guide for your future expansion planning efforts.

Tour a Showroom for Inspiration
A kitchen should be aesthetically pleasing and should have a beautiful style that corresponds well with the overall feel of the home. However, it also must have practical, functional features that enhance your convenience in the space. When you tour a local showroom filled with kitchen designs, you can enjoy standing in the midst of beautifully decorated spaces. Each has realistic and beneficial features, and this gives you the ability to experience these features in a real-life scenario so that you can more easily determine which features you need or want in your new space.

Consider Expanding Into the Home or Building Out
Now that you have a better idea about what your dream kitchen will look like, the practical matter of planning for the expansion must be considered. You typically have the option to expand outward by building onto the home or inward by usurping additional space for kitchen use. Because it is more cost-effective in most cases to expand into the home, consider this as a first step. If this is not practical, consider if your property line provides ample room for an outward expansion. While it may cost more to expand outward, this gives you more usable square feet in the home and can directly improve your property value for great financial benefit.

After you have taken these steps, your next step will be to price out the kitchen expansion project by reaching out to a contractor. You may even consider getting multiple quotes for both an inward and outward expansion. With quotes in hand, you can determine the best financial plan for paying for the project. After you have addressed all of these factors, you can get the ball rolling by setting up service with the contractors you have selected for help with your kitchen expansion project.


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