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Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

Kitchen styles are constantly improving, and homeowners today have access to features and options that past generations never dreamed of. This allows modern builders to create truly luxurious spaces that are enjoyable, functional and attractive. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, the sky is the limit, and consumers will fall in love with some of the great additions that are now available.

Convenience in Plumbing

The simple faucet of the past has given way to pull-down faucets, dispensers that mount directly into the backsplash and pot fillers that sit neatly over the stove. All of these options make it easier for people to fill pots, clean large dishes and keep the kitchens in order. They also look great and allow for a clean design that’s free of clutter and extra items. Hands-free faucets are also a great choice that make cleaning easier and help save water.

The Biggest Sinks

A stainless steel, double-basin sink from the hardware store is guaranteed to make any kitchen look dated. Sinks are expanding to make better use of the standard 30- and 36-inch sink bases. One great example is the apron front sink. This brings the useful area of a sink right to the edge of the workspace so that people don’t have to bend over as much. Apron front sinks are now available with stunning decorative finishes that will work with elegant cabinetry. Another option is a larger, under-mount sink that will virtually vanish while still providing homeowners with a large working area.

Versatile Appliances

There was a time when double ovens and five-burner stoves were only for restaurants or the very wealthy, but these appliances are now available to homeowners across the country. The extra burner on the stovetop makes it easy to cook big meals, and double ovens are one of the most versatile options available. Other smart options include microwaves with convection features, French-door refrigerators with separate drawers for the dairy products, and wine coolers.

Cool Storage Options

The cavernous base cabinets of kitchens past have been replaced with smarter options. Rather than a gaping space with a single half-shelf, people can now go with different types of drawers for more functional storage. Upper cabinets are also on the rise. More people are going with 42-inch tall upper cabinets to take advantage of the additional storage space. Consumers are also falling in love with specialty cabinets that hide trashcans, have lift-out shelves for Kitchen Aid mixers, or allow them to easily store items like cookie sheets. With a simple side panel, it’s also possible to put a deep cabinet over the refrigerator. This becomes the perfect storage spot for a custom wine rack, extra-long baking pans and other items.

Large and small kitchens alike can benefit from some modern additions. Rather than settling for the standard kitchen layout of the past, homeowners today can bring their homes into the modern era with stylish additions that are functional and attractive. Cabinets can be finished in a wide range of colors and styles, and soft-close hinges make the space more enjoyable to use. When it’s time to have a kitchen remodeled, people are encouraged to think outside of the traditional box to include some non-traditional features that are sure to please.

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