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Is It Really Green? “Trendy Green” vs. Sustainable Design

Is It Really Green? “Trendy Green” vs. Sustainable Design

How do you know whether a product is eco-friendly when it’s become commonplace for retailers to slap the “green label” on any product to be trendy?

Truly green products come in a variety of forms, whether it’s energy-saving appliances and lighting, cabinets and countertops made from reclaimed or recycled materials, low-VOC paint or showers and faucets that minimize water waste. Sustainable design offers real value – it’s good for the planet, saves money and reduces health issues.

At The Bath & Kitchen Showplace, we educated consumers about what “green” really means and the benefits of these products.

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From Accessories Granted - The Official eNewsletter of The Bath & Kitchen Showplace
September 2012


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