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Incorporate Mounted Counter Tops into Your Bathroom

Incorporate Mounted Counter Tops into Your Bathroom

Mounted countertops, also referred to as cantilevered countertops, are units that are secured in place by mounting them to a back wall or between side walls. These can be slabs with sinks, vanities with storage, or wall mounted sinks. A mounted countertop often gives a bathroom a very contemporary look and feel. They can also be rustic. They free up floor space below, making for easy cleaning. A mounted countertop generally requires some additional reinforcing within the wall. Plumbing can be concealed in the wall, unless it is used as being used as a design feature. Here are a few ideas for incorporating mounted countertops into your bathroom.

Integral Sinks
Integral sink countertops are perfect for smaller spaces. The sink is formed into the counter surface without any seams. It is basically a large one piece sink with counter space around it for toiletries. The sink/counter is mounted to the wall surface with vertical reinforcing bars that are embedded in the wall so that you can still lean on the counter. These units can be formed from quartz, concrete, acrylic, porcelain, wood, or polymers.

Wall Vanities
A wall vanity is a cabinet, usually made of wood, with storage drawers or shelves. They do not go down to the floor. A wall vanity can be attached directly to the wall studs and blocking. They conceal the plumbing. A standard countertop material and sink can be placed on top of them.

These often work nicely with modern bowl or square sinks that sit on top of the vanity as a design feature. With this type of installation, wall mounted faucets and handles compliment the design.

The vanities offer little storage space. The room beneath the vanity gives you more toe space and lends itself to easy cleaning of the floor. They are also very easy to install in an existing space that might have an uneven floor. They can be leveled independently of the floor.

Slab Countertops
A free floating slab countertop works especially well with sinks that sit on top of the counter. These slabs are generally several inches in thickness for stability. They can be made of wood or metal and held in place by side walls, brackets, or concealed reinforcing rods. Thick tinted glass has also been used in this application. Glass does need to be held in place with attractive specialty brackets. A glass sink bowl perched on a glass counter with stainless steel hardware, faucet, and plumbing can be quite striking in a contemporary bathroom.

Wall mounted countertops and sinks in bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular. There are some advantages, such as a modern look, free floor space, ability to level the unit, easy floor cleaning, and customization for small spaces. You can use them in contemporary designs, or even go rustic with free from wood or concrete. If you are paying attention to the tiny house movement, you may notice that mounted countertops are showing up more frequently as suitable options for smaller spaces.

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