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How to Pick the Perfect Kitchen Sink and Faucet

How to Pick the Perfect Kitchen Sink and Faucet

Luxury items are interpreted in many different ways. Some prefer brand names for prestige while others think of the function as the top identifier. Still, others accept that design is a favorite part of choosing extraordinary pieces for a home. A kitchen sink is not just another part of the kitchen. For many, it is one of the focal points of the room. How the sink fits into the overall design of the kitchen is an integral part of making the space feel like home.

Consider the purpose

Do you have a master chef in the making? Perhaps you love all the culinary tools you see on your favorite food shows. Functionality is an important part of any kitchen. You want a sink and faucet that are going to stand up to the rigors of what you put them through.

Socialization is a huge deal in many homes. A hands-free faucet is excellent for large families and people who spend a ton of time cooking each day.

Choose a sink that looks and performs well in your environment. Complimenting colors that match the hardware in the kitchen is a great place to start when shopping for sinks and faucets.

How big is too much for your space?

You want your sink and faucet to make a statement, but taking over the area is not the point in luxury design. Fitting into the square footage you have available is just as important as function and design. If it looks good and fits, then it is going to work out, but a sink that just looks nice is not going to make sense when there are no counters.

Many styles have several size options. Most top luxury models come in several sizes ranging from large arched faucets that can fill a pasta pot in no time to compact faucets for smaller spaces.

Does this fit into the flow of the room?

Choosing where to put the sink is just as important as picking one that fits your cooking needs. A sink needs to be in just the right spot to give you cleaning room for dishes and food prep, but it should also be near the stove so that you can get water and clean up while cooking. Many people choose to put a sink on the island instead of on the wall to give them more room for prep near the sink. This placement works in homes that have large enough spaces for an island. Choosing the right sink depends on how the kitchen flows and where the stove and refrigerator are located. Many consider the sink, cooktop, and fridge to work best in a triangle pattern so that all the vital areas are central to one space.

Choosing your sink and faucet should be a fun thing to do. Functionality and fit are two of the major things to consider when making a selection. Opting for a finish and style should only be part of your decision to ensure that your kitchen sink works for the family for years to come.

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