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How to Make Your Bathroom a Spa Oasis

How to Make Your Bathroom a Spa Oasis

The bathroom is one of the most private and used rooms in your home.  We think everyone’s bathroom should be a place to unwind, refresh and RELAX. Whether you are a bath soaker or shower steamer, everyone deserves a spa-like experience in their bathroom. The good news is you don’t have to undergo a huge renovation to get a more tranquil “feel” in your bathroom.

Below are some tips and tricks to transform your bathroom into a spa oasis without spending a fortune or going through a full renovation.

Color Matters
Trading bright and bold colors for blue/green/gray hues is a simple update that creates a more relaxing and low stress environment in your bathroom. It is a scientific fact that cool colors are more calming to our eyes and brains. You can easily apply this concept to paint and towel color choices, but you should also keep color in mind when deciding on flooring and tile in your bathroom.

Add Décor
You can spruce up your bathroom with plants; vases and greenery can really improve the look of your bathroom. Adding storage with a linen cabinet is a great way to keep your bathroom clean and organized. You can also add extra seating in your bathroom or create the perfect makeup counter for yourself, fully equipped with a beautiful mirror, great vanity/countertop and timeless stool/chair. The possibilities are endless when adding décor, storage and organization and they all scream “high end” as if you were at the spa.

Switch your Showerhead
Whether you like a lot of pressure or you enjoy a smooth trickle, there are a variety of options when looking to update your shower. Swapping out your old showerhead for a modernized showerhead is a simple way to bring the spa to your bathroom every morning. The possibilities are endless when looking for a new showerhead. You can get an oversized, a handheld, or add additional showerheads. Updating your shower head isn’t the only way you can bring the spa to your own bathroom. An open layout can help the flow of your bathroom and make it feel bigger; the easiest way to achieve this is a glass door shower. Glass door showers are timeless and can improve the look of your entire bathroom.

Soak, Soak, Soak
Nothing says spa quite like unwinding in the bathtub. The bathtub is typically where our eyes are drawn when we first walk into a bathroom. There are various options when looking at tubs such as a classic clawfoot, or a modern free standing tub. The bathtub that you choose immediately adds style to your bathroom. For extra relaxation, don’t forget your candles and bathtub caddy tray!

Creating a spa oasis in your own home bathroom can be as easy as making a few updates! Paying attention to color ensures that you will maintain a calm and serene feeling in your bathroom. Adding simple and timeless décor and organization can give your bathroom a high-end feel while keeping it clean and pleasing to the eye. Updating your shower allows you to create an experience as unique as you are every time you shower.  Having a stylish and functional bathtub is the last check on your checklist to creating your own oasis!

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