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How to Choose Plumbing Fixtures for Your Kitchen

How to Choose Plumbing Fixtures for Your Kitchen

Plumbing fixtures for your kitchen aren’t just important functionally, but they can make a big difference to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Today’s kitchen fixtures come in many different styles, shapes, and finishes. Here are some tips to help you choose the best kitchen fixtures for your unique needs.

Look At Your Lifestyle First

Before you even think about style, consider how you use your kitchen fixtures. Are you an avid cook? Then you might need fixtures with features like pot fillers. Have a large family? Then you will probably want an extra-large sink. Have little kids and are worried about germs? Then maybe you want a faucet which works on a sensor and has temperature controls to prevent scalding.

Determine a Style

It can be overwhelming to look at all the different styles of kitchen fixtures in a showroom. Rather than trying to take it all in, first determine what style you want for your home. Common styles include modern, contemporary, traditional, country, minimalist, Victorian, and rustic.

Of course, not all fixtures can be easily categorized and some might overlap into different styles. However, choosing a style before you start shopping will help you narrow down your choices. Tell the consultant at the remodel showroom which style you prefer and he/she will show you your options.

Research Finishes

You might be in love with the look of a bronze faucet, but it might not be practical for your lifestyle because of the amount of maintenance which is involved with this finish. Take the time to research different finishes and then make a choice based on appearance and practicality.

Don’t Forget to Budget for Fixtures

Fixtures can take up a big part of your kitchen remodel budget. Before you start shopping for fixtures, do some price checking to give you an idea of how much fixtures will likely cost you. Always budget for more expensive fixtures, even if you end up choosing less expensive options. Be open about your budget with your remodel consultant in the showroom so you don’t waste your time looking at fixtures which are out of your price range.

Invest in Green Technology

Today’s kitchen faucets often come with green features, like reduced water flow to use less water while still delivering the same amount of pressure. These fixtures will have the EPA WaterSense certification. While it may not seem like much, switching your faucets to eco-friendly models can help save you money on your water bill over time and also does something good for the earth too!

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