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How to Choose a Kitchen Countertop

How to Choose a Kitchen Countertop

Your kitchen countertop is exposed to all sorts of abuse, such as from sharp knives, acidic foods, and high temperatures. Thus you need to make sure you are choosing a durable countertop material which can take a beating. However, kitchen countertops can also be very expensive and add considerable costs to your kitchen remodel budget. Here is a guide on how to choose a kitchen countertop material which suits your budget and lifestyle needs.

Expect the Counter to Eat Up Your Budget

Regardless of how big your remodel budget is, make sure you devote a significant portion to your countertops. Even if you are working on a limited budget, then you still need to be prepared to pay for a quality countertop. Unlike some other aspects of your kitchen, such as hardware and appliances, you can’t easily change your countertops later. So, buy a good countertop and make other upgrades when your budget allows.


Many homeowners get caught up in the aesthetics of a countertop material. However, it is important to factor in lifestyle as well. If you have young kids and experience frequent countertop messes, then a porous material like marble probably isn’t the best choice – no matter how beautiful it looks. Many countertop materials, like wood and soapstone, require regular oiling. Stainless steel has benefits like being antibacterial but shows fingerprints and scratches easily.


The same material for a countertop is often available in many different colors. Since your countertops are often one of the focal points of the room, the choice of color is important. Warm colors, such as light woods, can make your kitchen seem more open and brighter. Stainless steel can give a kitchen an ultra-modern feel. Natural stone often has beautiful combinations of colors which can serve as a palette for the rest of your kitchen color scheme.


Don’t forget about the edges of your countertops. The standard edge is squared but you can also opt to have custom edging such as bevels, ogee, and radius edges. These little details can go a long way in making your kitchen unique.

Mixing and Matching

There is no reason why you need to use the same countertop material throughout your entire kitchen. With the right design plan, you can use different materials seamlessly. You can even use countertop material to break up kitchens into zones, such as using wood block for the food prep area and marble for your island.

Just remember that you should always see the countertop material before you make your purchase! Visit the showroom to see just how your countertops will look.

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