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How to Care For Your Chrome Fixtures

How to Care For Your Chrome Fixtures

Chrome is a popular material for bathroom fixtures, and for good reason! In addition to looking elegant, it is a resilient material. This means that even if it becomes dirty, there are always ways to restore it to its shiny, pretty state. The downside is that there are a lot of ways for it to become dirty; from soap scum to mildew. If you ever find that your chrome fixtures are losing their shine, here are some easy tips to have them looking brand new again!

Clean, Clean, Clean!

It may seem obvious, but the best way to maintain your chrome fixtures is to simply keep them clean. This doesn’t have to mean giving them an intense scrubbing everyday, but just get into the habit of wiping them down whenever it fits your schedule. By using something as simple as an inexpensive glass cleaner and a soft towel, you can keep your chrome sparkling like it was just installed!

Soap Scum

This happens to nearly everyone, so it is a good eventuality to plan for! If you find that your chrome is having an issue with soap scum, there is a simple and easy way to fix it; dryer sheets and cooking spray. Yes, you read that right! Spray the cooking spray onto the scummy areas, then wipe it off with the dryer sheet. You’ll immediately see that your chrome fixtures are back to shining bright!


What if you’ve already cleaned your chrome and just want to protect it from getting dirty? Simple! Just polish the chrome with a metal cleaner like Brasso. It will leave your chrome absolutely radiant! Be careful, though. Brasso has a very strong odor, so turn on the fan when you use it and keep any children or pets away from the bathroom for a bit.

Natural Cleaners

If the idea of using store-bought cleaners doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry. There is an easy, all-natural alternative that you can make that will give you the same results. Lemon is a surprisingly effective cleaner that can quickly return the shine to any chrome fixture!

Simply cut the lemon in half and scrub the dirty spots with the lemon. For those truly stubborn stains, let the lemon sit on them for a few minutes so that the juice has time to break down the stains. Voila! Your bathroom will smell fresh and clean from the lemons, and your chrome will be shining as if you’d just used an industrial clener. The best part? No harsh chemicals!

Happy Cleaning!

By using these methods for your various cleaning needs, you’ll be sure to have your chrome sparkling year-round! Everyone wants their bathroom fixtures well-maintained, and many of these methods are simple and easy to do. Chrome truly is a resilient metal, so do not despair if it is already dirty. Use these tips to clean it and it’ll be sparkling again in no time!

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