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Guide to Selecting the Right Bathroom Mirror

Guide to Selecting the Right Bathroom Mirror

It goes without saying that you probably spend a lot of time looking into the mirror while in the bathroom. Thus, it is very important that you choose the right mirror. Here is a practical guide to help you get the best bathroom mirror for your needs and style.

Get the Size Right

The size of a bathroom mirror should be determined by the size of the space it will be in. As a general rule, you don’t want to get a mirror which is wider than the sink or the vanity. The height of the mirror should be determined by how much wall space you have above the sink. You would not, for example, want to put a small mirror above a sink if you have high ceilings in your bathroom.

Proper Mirror Positioning

A bathroom mirror should always be hung so it is at least a few inches above the top of the vanity. If you have enough wall space, you might want to position it so there is at least a 6 inch gap as this will help prevent water stains. The top of the mirror should be at least 3 inches higher than eye level of the tallest user. The bathroom mirror should not be higher than any lighting fixtures above the vanity. Either leave a gap between the mirror and lighting fixture, or make them flush.

Don’t Forget About Frame Size

The larger the frame is, the less usable mirror space you will have. This isn’t a problem if you have enough wall space for a large mirror. However, in smaller bathrooms, you will probably want to get a mirror with a smaller frame to allow for more mirror space.

Use Mismatching Mirrors for Dual Vanities

If you have dual vanities or sinks, then you will probably want two mirrors instead of one large mirror. You might consider making a style statement by choosing different styles of mirrors for each vanity, such as a “his” and “hers.” Don’t be afraid to mix things up!

Use Contrast to Your Advantage

When it comes to choosing a bathroom mirror shape and frame type, consider going for a contrast effect. For example, if you have a boxy vanity, then opt for a round mirror. If your vanity is very wide and rectangular, then maybe opt for an oval mirror (with the long part going up/down in contrast to the vanity). You can also use the mirror frame to add contrast, such as choosing a wooden-framed mirror to go above your marble vanity or a steel-framed mirror set against a brick bathroom wall. This will draw more attention to the elements of your bathroom.

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