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Glass Bathroom Sinks: Things to Consider Before You Buy

Glass Bathroom Sinks: Things to Consider Before You Buy

Traditionally, bathroom sinks are made out of materials like ceramic or cast iron. However, glass is becoming increasingly more popular as a choice for bathroom sink material. Since glass sinks are fairly new on the scene, they are still considered trendy. However, glass does have a timeless appeal and the sinks aren’t likely to go out of fashion anytime soon.

As you would expect, there are some noteworthy considerations to keep in mind before you buy a glass bathroom sink.

Most homeowners are foremost worried about whether a glass sink will be durable. Glass sinks are surprisingly durable and can generally take a beating. In one consumer report, it was found that even tough agents like drain cleaner and nail polish remover didn’t stain or damage glass sinks. Heat also wasn’t a concern. However, when they dropped a tiny dart from the height of 20 inches, the glass sink shattered into pieces. This is because glass distributes pressure much differently than other sink materials. When choosing a glass sink for your bathroom, you will want to make sure you pay careful attention to the durability rating. All quality glass sinks will list this.

Another consideration about glass sinks is that they show dirt, grime, and water spots very easily. You will need to clean these much more frequently than you would with another sink. One option is to choose a colored glass sink, which can help hide some of the dirt. An even better option is to choose a glass sink which has swirling colors as this will mask dirt the best. Cleaning glass sinks is generally very easy but you won’t want to use any abrasive cleaner on them.

Because glass sinks aren’t as popular as other materials for sinks, you won’t have nearly as many options. Most glass bathroom sinks on the market are vessel sinks (also called set-on mount sinks). These are designed to resemble the original sinks of history, which were just water basins set on a countertop. There are some undermount glass sinks available. These look especially good when set into a marble-topped vanity. If you have it in your budget, you can also find unique wall-mount glass sinks. Some of these even have glass vanities and are true works of art.

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