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Five Inexpensive Personal Touches For Sprucing Up Your Bath Space

Five Inexpensive Personal Touches For Sprucing Up Your Bath Space

The bathroom may appear to be a little bland for a homeowner’s taste, and she may be thinking of ways to make it come alive. It is, after all, a very well used room of the house and should be just as appealing and comfortable as any other area. Some additions that might be made to this room or several bathrooms to give them a little more atmosphere and interest could include:

Plants will thrive in this moist area, especially if there is a window or two or strong lighting. Choose plants that match the theme chosen. For example, if it is a tropical theme, add palm-type house plants. If it is a rustic look, cactus or corn plants may be appropriate. During the holidays, Easter lilies or poinsettias will look perfectly at home in this small area. If real plants just are not possible, quality silk plants are also an option.

If small pieces of framed art are readily available, this can be the perfect place to display them. The art can be done by professional artists, local painters, or even by children or grandchildren. This can add so much color and appeal to the walls. Choose frames that match the decor. If it is very formal and traditional, carved wooden frames may be appropriate. More modern art would look best in plain black or white frames. Children’s artwork can be placed in clear acrylic frames and be easily switched out to the next “masterpiece.”

Spots of color can be added in many ways. Paint a small accent wall a bold color. Invest in new and bright shower curtains, throw rugs, wash cloths, and towels. Even scented soaps come in a variety of appealing shades. A simple step such as replacing the soap dish, lotion dispenser, and toothbrush holder may give a fresh new look to the room.

A great way to give this area a cozy feel is to add small shelves to the blank walls of this room. Display a variety of interesting collections such as antique perfume bottles, shells, and even Avon men’s cologne bottles. Use the open shelves to store pretty soap bottles, imported lotions, and aftershave sprays. Shelving above the toilet is a great place to store and display necessities such as fingernail polish, washcloths, quality shampoos and soaps, and bath and body sprays.

Candles can add so much to the atmosphere in a bathroom. They can also help dispel odors and permeate the area with a variety of delicate scents. Try lilac, lavender, fresh linen, baby powder, or rose scents to make this room even more welcoming. During the holidays, use cinnamon, pine, pumpkin, or peppermint scents.

There are so many ways to add character and pizazz to this small room. Use imagination, ask for a talented friend’s assistance or call on expert interior decorators to assist. Whatever it is decided to add, this room will pop with innovative and unique touches. If there is a long line outside this door during the next family gathering, it may be that they want to enjoy all the special touches that have been added.

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