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Family Friendly Bathrooms

Family Friendly Bathrooms

In a fantasy world, everyone would have their own bathroom, especially women, where we could luxuriate in our own freestanding tub all day and spread out our makeup and perfume bottles and expensive jewelry all along the marble vanity.

Enter reality.

Most of us have to share a bathroom with not only a spouse but also with our kids. Between the toothbrushes, wet towels, and dirty clothes, it’s not exactly the serene picture painted above.

It is still possible, however, to have a beautiful, functional bathroom that can accommodate bath time for kids as well as Mom.

Here are a few tips for creating a truly family-friendly bathroom:


Think lots and lots of storage, for bathing accoutrements as well as hairbrushes, towels, etc.

Choreograph Shower Wall and Accessory Collection by Kohler

Motion Activated Faucet

Make it easy for little hands to reach and turn the faucet on (and make sure it’s always turned off!) with a motion-activated faucet.

Talbott Single Handle Lavatory with Touch2O® Technology by Delta Faucet

Large Tub

Check out this tub that’s big enough for the kids AND a dog!

Found on

Towel Racks for Everyone

Keep everyone’s towels straight with some nifty hooks or several towel racks.

Found on

Bright Colors

Brighten up your bathroom with a bold color choice.

Found on

Two Sinks / Double Vanity

Two sinks is better than one.

Photo Michael Graydon | Design Sarah Hartill | House & Home

We hope you got a few ideas for how to make the most of your family’s bathroom! We are here to answer any of your questions related to bathrooms or kitchens.

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