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Designing Your Dream Bathroom:10 Mistakes to Avoid

Designing Your Dream Bathroom:10 Mistakes to Avoid

Remodeling the bathroom is a chance to improve the aesthetics of the space with new features and fixtures, plus it acts as a way to add value to the home. Even if you aren’t the best at designing, you can avoid major bathroom remodeling mistakes with some careful planning. Here’s how to prevent 10 of the most common snafus.

1. Not Planning Carefully

To maximize budget and minimize costly surprises, the first step of any remodeling project should always be a specific, detailed plan. This document should include a scale drawing of the room and the desired renovations, as well as a realistic budget, materials, and timeline. A contractor should help you plan out the timeline and give you realistic costs so that you know upfront what to expect.

2. Sticking Completely to Basics

While the bathroom is typically considered a utilitarian space, that doesn’t mean the design should completely lack flair. A bathroom is a great place to explore creativity by choosing a bold wallpaper, striking fixtures, and incorporating patterns. Even those who prefer neutrals should plan to add elements of interesting contrast.

3. Not Inflating the Budget

After homeowners have an itemized budget in place, they should add 15 percent to the total cost to account for unexpected expenses that arise. If the bathroom project is budgeted at $10,000, setting aside an additional $1,500 (or more for those who live in an older home) is prudent. This way you won’t start the project, find a costly snag, and not be able to finish it.

4. Adding Competing Elements

One key feature should stand out among the design in the bathroom, so homeowners should choose the unusual piece they really love and make it the focal point, allowing the other fixtures to play the supporting role.

5. Not Fixing Minor Mistakes

Once the renovation is ongoing, it can be easy to overlook small errors like a crooked tile or smeared spot of paint at the moment. Taking the time to fix items that will be noticeable later, though, will increase the aesthetics of the bathroom and pride in the work done. Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor to fix anything wrong you see – that’s their job!

6. Not Enough Lighting

Rooms should incorporate both ambient lighting and brighter task lighting. This is especially true in the bathroom, where activities like shaving and makeup application require precise vision.

7. Forgetting Flow

Although the bathroom is a separate space, it’s important that it has some coordination with the rest of the home. Choosing modern fixtures in an old farmhouse will make the new bathroom stand out in a bad way. While it’s not necessarily that the design match exactly, unifying elements are key to creating a comfortable feeling.

8. Not Changing the Layout

If the current bathroom layout isn’t working, moving or even removing a fixture can open up the space. It’s much better to have fewer elements and a more open layout than a bathroom with a toilet, large sink, bath, and separate shower in a cramped area.

9. Choosing Dated Items

Instead of choosing the trend of the moment, which will look dated in a few short years, opt for classic, elegant fixtures that can work well with a range of decor. Save the color of the season for items that are easily replaced, such as the shower curtain, rugs, and paint.

10. Forgetting About Storage

Those pristine countertops won’t stay that way if the designer fails to include the cabinet and closet space to hold all the odds and ends used in the bathroom. Make sure there are enough drawers and storage for all of your bathroom amenities.

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