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Deep-Clean Your Bathroom – Six Steps to Cleanliness

Deep-Clean Your Bathroom – Six Steps to Cleanliness

Bathrooms aren’t usually the most sanitary rooms in a home. The bathroom is a haven for germs and bacteria, and not just because it’s a room where the toilet is located. Bathrooms are often damp, and dampness is where bugs, bacteria, and sometimes fungi get comfortable enough to make a home in these spaces. Homeowners can prevent bathrooms from being any dirtier than necessary by deep cleaning on occasion. In six simple steps, homeowners can feel much more comfortable with the sanitary state of even the dirtiest bathroom.

Clean the Shower Head
It’s one place homeowners forget to clean regularly. The best way to ensure the shower head in any bathroom is clean is to fill a plastic bag with vinegar. Place the bag over the head of the shower, and use a tie to keep it in place. Overnight is the ideal time to allow the head to soak for ample cleanliness before allowing it to rinse itself with running water.

Clean the Shower Curtains
Many people simply throw curtain liners away and replace them. It’s a nice concept, but what about that shower curtain? It might not be the thing that gets wet and covered in mildew, but it does require cleaning. Simply place it, along with the curtain liner, in the washing machine for one cycle with two to three old towels. The towels are to scrub the curtains as they wash. Hang the curtain back up to dry. Now it’s free of bacteria, mildew, and shower filth.

Clean the Faucets
So many people forget the clean the faucet. It’s best to do this daily with disinfecting wipes easily throw away after each use. This prevents bacteria from forming on the faucet in addition to any germs spread by hands turning water on and off between washings.

Clean the Sink Drain
Studies show this is one of the dirtiest places in the house, and it needs a good cleaning. Pour white vinegar down the drain. Wait a few moments before flushing it out with hot water. This kills bacteria living in there. Since many people wash their hands here after using the bathroom, spending time outdoors, and doing a number of other things, it’s filled with a variety of bacteria.

Clean the Grout
Some people ignore this step, but it’s crucial homeowners understand why this is dangerous. Grout doesn’t get a good deep clean with a mop. It’s porous. Homeowners need to use straight bleach every few months to clean this. The bleach works as a killing agent to annihilate any bacteria growing in the damp porous grout. It’s imperative homeowners keep the windows open as well as the fan on. It’s also imperative to rinse the grout once it’s clean.

Clean the Toilet Brush
There’s no real trick to cleaning a toilet. It needs to be scrubbed with cleaner, possibly with a damp pumice stone to fight any stubborn stains. What’s important to remember is the toilet brush. Most people forget that it’s covered in the grime, filth, bacteria, and feces it cleaned off the toilet moments before. Homeowners put it back in its carrier without a second thought. It should be replaced every few months, but it needs a good cleaning after each use. Put the brush between the toilet bowl and seat, close the seat, and douse the brush with bleach, wait, and then pour water on it before storing it.

Deep cleaning the bathroom is a dirty job, but someone needs to do it. The ideal time to deep clean is every other month or so to prevent bacteria from taking over. It’s a dirty room, but that doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way.

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