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Decorative Wall Hooks

Decorative Wall Hooks

When it comes to design, it’s important not to overlook the details. Even the smallest parts of the room, such as the decorative wall hooks in the bathroom, can either strengthen or weaken the style you’re looking to create in a space.

Take for example, the Liberty Acrylic Facets Wall Hook (top row, middle). If your aim is to create a feminine, modern space, this wall hook would reinforce that aesthetic and tie that feminine look to even the smallest details. Using the same wall hook in a super modern bathroom, however, would look strange and out of place, therefore distracting from that modern feel.

When designing for your home, remember to consider the unique details of each individual element, even the wall hooks.


The Delta Coco Double Robe Hook features a sleek design in an elegant polished chrome finish, but the small enamel lettering gives it just the slightest vintage feel.

The Liberty Acrylic Facets Wall Hook, mentioned above, looks feminine, yet elegant with its jewel-like accents and rounded shape.

Like the Coco and Acrylic Facets decorative wall hooks, the Alexandria Double Robe Hook has a slightly vintage look because of the white and chrome design. The combination of these two materials echoes the look of vintage bath hardware, which often includes a white enamel handle.


Though the shape of the Moen Vale Double Robe Hook is rather traditional, the oil-rubbed bronze finish gives it a modern feel.

With its oversize finials and exaggerated shape, the Delta Crestfield Double Robe Hook has a slightly whimsical look about it.

For a hook that’s sleek, stylish, and all business, we like the Liberty Pilltop Decorative Hook in Ventian Bronze for its sharp, cylindrical finial and crisp shape.


The Zenith Products Wilmont Single Robe Hook would look at home in a more contemporary space with its simple shape and brushed nickel finish.

In a streamlined space, the Moen 90 Degree Single Robe Hook demands very little visual space, but still functions perfectly.

Though it has a more intricate shape to it, we love the unobtrusive design of the Belle Foret Leland Single Robe Hook in chrome.

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