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Current Trends in Today’s Kitchen Faucets

Current Trends in Today’s Kitchen Faucets

Kitchens are considered the heart of the home today, so it pays to make a concerted effort in designing this room for both form and function. And, one of the considerations that many homeowners often overlook in this space is surprisingly the faucet. When it comes down to it, though, the faucet finish is just as an important a design element as any other. In fact, any sink in the home is an additional opportunity to create a new design element, but obviously the kitchen faucet is one of the most important. So, choosing a faucet that not only fits the space but is also current with today’s trends is an important design choice for any homeowner.

Trending Finishes

With today’s focus on not just function but also fashion in the kitchen, there are more finish options available on the market at any price range than ever before. Consumers can get brass, copper, nickel, gold-plated, oil-rubbed metals, and chrome faucets at nearly any price range. Likewise, faucets are available in matte and shiny finishes as well as satin sheens and even textures. At first glance, it appears that tradition seems to still have it with this one as chrome is still the leader as far as sales volume. However, in terms of aesthetics, the new trend is to customize. Special finishes, like brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze are currently outselling even chrome, particularly for remodels and even do-it-yourself projects.

New Functions

New functionality is another common thread in today’s kitchen trends, and this element extends beyond just the cabinets and drawers in a kitchen. Even the faucets are getting innovative makeovers offering homeowners new functionality and ease of use. Some of the current trends in this arena include hands-free operation, enhanced power cleaning, more flexible and self-retracting hoses, antimicrobial protection, and even fingerprint and water resistant finishes.

Architectural Lines

Many kitchens are getting modern makeovers today, and one of the easiest and most effective ways to add in a bit of modern flair is at the sink. Many faucet brands are offering unique architectural inspired faucet lines that combine a minimalist profile with advanced functionality. The straight lines of these designs create a clean look and offer more space for cleaning large items like pots and pans.

New Shapes

In additional to architectural components, current trends in faucets and even the sinks themselves of kitchens are new shapes. The old straight and boxy looks are moving out to make way for new soft, circular, curving shapes. As far as faucets go, the tall, curved faucets are one of the current trends making a rise on the market today. Paired with rounded sinks and bowed cabinetry, these elements create a very smooth and sensuous feel in any kitchen.

Restaurant-Inspired Conveniences

To really step up the appeal of the kitchen space, many homeowners are opting for conveniences that were once only reserved for restaurants. Components like pot-filler faucets are creating a since of convenience as well as style in today’s kitchen designs.

Whereas the options for kitchen faucets used to be relatively limited, today there are more options than ever. It can be difficult for homeowners to choose, but considering the current trends and making a selection based on not just style appeal but also functional advantage can help.

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