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Considerations for Choosing Bathroom Hardware

Considerations for Choosing Bathroom Hardware

Your bathroom hardware might seem like an afterthought of your remodel, but it actually can drastically influence the aesthetics of your bathroom. Simply swapping out the knobs on your cabinets and vanity drawers can give a richer feel to the room. To make sure you get the right hardware, be sure to keep these considerations in mind.


The choice of material for your bathroom hardware makes a big difference to the appearance and durability. It also influences budget. You get what you pay for with hardware. So, if you opt for cheaper hardware, be prepared to face problems early on like scratches, rattling knobs, and broken toilet paper holders.

Remember that some materials are much harder to clean and require more maintenance than others. No matter how much you like that brass bath hardware, you might want to opt for stainless steel instead to save yourself the trouble of frequent polishing.


Bathroom hardware accessories come in styles ranging from Victorian to modern. What is particularly important to keep in mind when choosing a style is how well you will be able to match other elements in the bathroom. Decide whether you want to go with something trendy or something timeless, in case you want to sell the house soon.

An important thing to remember when choosing a style is whether you will be able to find hardware in the same style later on, such as if you want to add another towel rack or need to replace one of the pieces. If you choose a material like stainless steel, it will be much easier to match with other hardware.


A quality set of bathroom hardware accessories can actually be very pricy, so you need to make sure you leave enough room in your remodel budget for all hardware. Try to avoid very cheap hardware, especially if it has plastic parts. Cheap hardware will quickly experience problems like bending (because of weak rods on knobs), corrosion, and rattling parts.

If you don’t have it in your budget to get the hardware you want, it is better to focus your budget instead on aspects like countertops and flooring. You can always upgrade the hardware when your budget allows.

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