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Consider these 3 bathroom upgrades

Consider these 3 bathroom upgrades

Seamless, functional and dynamite accents. These are all major buzzwords around designs in 2014. As more and more people are adding Zen to their bathrooms, here are three trends that are making their way into homes looking to break a sterile bathroom environment:

1. Frameless showers

Could shower curtains really be a thing of the past? We are seeing more and more frameless showers start to take over. The design used to be reserved only for high-end bathrooms that were chasing a sleek appeal. Now, it’s seen in any bathroom looking to add a little flair.

2. Black in bathrooms

Whether in the form of your sink, toilet, tub or lighting fixtures a dark hue adds energy to a bathroom drowning in white. Break up a run of the mill atmosphere by adding in a deeper focal point.

3. Infinity pools

What better way to wind down a day or take some me time? These whirlpool overflow bathtubs are set level to the flower so the water is able to flow over the sides and circulate back into the tub. If you are really looking to splurge, check out the Kohler “infinity edge” Sok tub. The design has two tubs, one nesting inside the other. Water is continuously pumped so that there’s a continuous flow over the edge of the inner tub into the outer.


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