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Beach-a-rific: A beach themed bathroom that works

Beach-a-rific: A beach themed bathroom that works

As a general rule, themed bathrooms are incredibly tricky to pull off without looking too childish or outdated. We’ve all seen one or two seashell-encrusted bathrooms in our lifetimes. And how about fish – swimming across the shower curtain, the wastebasket, and the accessories on the counter? Not exactly elegant or luxurious.

This bathroom we found featuring Kohler fixtures manages to communicate a theme without being overbearing. The bathroom’s statement piece – a vintage surfboard in the corner – provides the muted color palette. The light fixtures, painted wooden floor, walls, and ceiling, and the white sink and toilet all work together to create a soft look. Ultimately the bathroom is a light and airy escape, and not an overwrought mess of seashells.

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