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BATH | Creative Ways to Incorporate Glass Cubes

BATH | Creative Ways to Incorporate Glass Cubes

Glass is a superior material to use for décor and functionality alike in many rooms of the home. Glass cubes are one type of glass that you can consider implementing in your bathroom to achieve a variety of results. These blocks may be translucent, but more often, they are frosted or opaque. Opacity allows light to filter through the glass cube while preventing fully-focused vision behind the block. Because privacy is a top concern in bathrooms, this is an exceptional material to use. There are various options that you can consider if you want to update your bathroom with glass blocks, and a closer look at the options may entice you to make an upgrade to your space.

As an Exterior Window
Incorporating natural light into a bathroom is often in direct contrast with the need for privacy. Windows are the most common way to bring natural light into a room, but the last thing you want to worry about is if the blinds are fully closed as you climb in or out of the shower or change your clothes. When you use opaque glass cubes as an exterior window option, you can enjoy abundant natural light in the bathroom throughout the day without a concern for privacy. These glass cube windows can even be installed in the upper perimeter of a shower to allow natural light to filter into this often-dark area of the bathroom. This can instantly brighten up a space that may currently be gloomy.

Surrounding Your Shower
Many showers have fully-functional shower doors that open and closer or that slide shut. However, these can shatter easily, and they also can interfere with others who may be using the bathroom at the same time. One idea is to upgrade your bathroom by installing a walk-in shower that incorporates glass blocks for privacy. The glass cubes can also control splattering water. Another idea is to keep your existing shower door in place and replace a full tiled wall with glass blocks instead. This can make the shower a more light and airy place that you enjoy bathing in.

As a Half-Wall or Partition
Depending on the current layout of your bathroom, you may have privacy concerns in various areas. For example, your toilet may be out in the open and may not have any privacy enclosure around it. Perhaps the area where you most frequently change in, such as near your closet, is visible to those in the bedroom and beyond when a door is left open. Building a half-wall or a partition with glass blocks around these key areas can provide you with the privacy you need without completing enclosing the space.

These are only a few of the many ways that glass cubes can successfully be used in your space to accomplish decorating or functional challenges. Consider what your current challenges are in your bathroom, and think creatively about how glass cubes can be used to resolve those challenges. Because of how functional and practical this material is, you may be pleased to find that it can easily help you to improve your bathroom to your satisfaction and with minimal cost.

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