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BATH: Bathroom Tile Patterns. What you need to know.

BATH: Bathroom Tile Patterns. What you need to know.

Bathroom tile patterns have an impact on the visual appearance of the room and on the atmosphere achieved in the overall design. A variety of factors should be considered when selecting bathroom tile. The placement location of the tile, the size of the bathroom and the bathroom décor choice are among the more important aspects to evaluate when deciding on tile patterns. Tile can be used in unique ways to make a bathroom look and feel like an exquisite retreat.

Color of the Tile
It is not only the master bathroom that can be designed with luxury in mind. A guest bathroom can include high-end, luxurious details that will pamper and impress visitors. Generally, a guest bathroom is not as large as the master bathroom. Therefore, neutral colored tiles such as beige, tan, or cream are a good choice because they make the room appear larger. Light shades of blue or gray and white also add visual spaciousness to a small bathroom. Darker colored tiles, such as navy or black, or vibrant colors such as red, orange, yellow or green can be used in a large bathroom.

Choosing Tile Sizes
When choosing tile for a small bathroom, it’s best to select medium size tiles. Choosing small tiles can make the room look smaller and visually chaotic. Elegance and sophistication can be achieved in a small bathroom when a medium-size tile is used in a simplistic arrangement. There’s an abundance of decorative opportunities in a large bathroom. A combination of various size tiles can be used to create interesting designs in the shower area, in the backsplash design, on the floor or in any area of the room.

Arranging the Tile

The placement direction of the floor tiles visually impacts the room. Tiles placed in straight even rows make the room appear long and narrow. A diagonal tile pattern makes the room appear wider. Placing tile in a manner that creates a decorative floor design is one flooring option. When doing this, it is essential that the size of the pattern be in balance with the size of the bathroom. Arranging tiles that are diverse in size and similar in color is a good way to make a bathroom more interesting without creating visual overload.

Using Tile to Create Atmosphere

Mosaic tile can be used to enliven the atmosphere in a bathroom. It’s ideal when used as for a backsplash or as a decorative border or accent feature. Hexagon tiles add sophistication to a bathroom design. They are ideal for a luxury master suite that is designed to provide homeowners with a superb relaxation retreat. Glass tile in a relaxing blue or green shade can increase the serenity of the bathroom. Tiles in varying shades of gray add elegance to any bathroom. Grays and neutrals provide homeowners with an extensive amount of decorative freedom when it comes to accessorizing the bathroom. Porcelain tile that looks like wood or stone can be used to create a tranquil atmosphere, a rustic vibe or a simplistic atmosphere in a master bathroom or guest bathroom.

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