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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Great Kitchen Cabinets

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Great Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can make or break the functionality, budget, and style of your kitchen. Do not stress yourself, listed below is a comprehensive guide towards choosing the best and most suitable kitchen cabinetry for your kitchen. The factors you ought to consider before you settle on a type of kitchen cabinetry include;

Door Styles
Whether it is a shaker, inset, or flat door, your cabinetry door style is of considerable importance and might also be the most costly cabinetry expenditure. Choosing door styles does not have to be stressful and having knowledge of the most popular cabinet door styles will assist you to find the best fit for your kitchen design.

Cabinet doors do not have to be wooden, and using glass cabinets opens up your kitchen area to light and space, offering a great display of your best dishes and china. Think beyond the conventional swing doors for your kitchen cabinets. Flip-up doors, corner drawers, and pocket doors provide optimal functionality. If you prefer sticking to the more traditional style for your cabinetry, the timeless Shaker style is arguably the best option and offers an appearance that works with different hardware, counter, and backsplash materials.

Add a more traditional style of furniture to your kitchen area and storage with the incorporation of a countertop hutch, in which the use of glass fronts offers the perfect place to display your beautiful dishes. Open shelving is as much at home in the modern kitchen designs as it does in the more traditional ones, offering a simple and clean storage style. The use of eco-friendly materials is an additional plus, especially since this contributes to a healthier home. You can also mix and match in case you are undecided between two different styles; two cabinetry styles can have an even bigger impact.

Hardware Styles
After choosing your cabinets, you will have to choose the hardware, and even if you select the simplest shaker cabinets, your choice of knobs and handles has a significant impact on you finish.

Flat-panel cabinets work best in modern kitchens designs, but you must choose matching hardware. Clean and simple contemporary pulls complement this cabinetry style. On the other hand, raised-panel cabinetry suits traditional kitchens designs better, with classic and old-world fixtures offering the perfect fit for this beautiful cabinetry style.

Finishes and colors
Colorful kitchen cabinetry has made such an impact in modern kitchen styles, with pretty palettes giving kitchens an elegant flair. Play around with a combination of two colors on your cabinetry without fear of going too bold. You could also contrast a bright color with neutral finishes such as gray.

Stains offer an ideal technique of applying a colored finish to your wooden cabinetry without covering the wood’s natural beauty. From green, blue, and brown stain colors can really complement a modern kitchen area.

A distressed finish can also cover all bases, providing a warm and bright look that embraces wear and tear, meaning you do not have to worry about the maintenance of your colored cabinets. For a remodel, opt for a cabinet color that complements your existing appliances.

Molding and Details
For your cabinetry to appear custom made, add molding. Adding crown molding to your existing kitchen and edge molding to new cabinetry offers fantastic results. Frosted, textured and seeded glass also provides quite an impact when used on kitchen cabinets.

Whether you are developing a new kitchen or remodelling an existing one, it is necessary always to have a universal design in your mind. Straightforward and bright accessories will create better comfort and accessibility levels in your kitchen.

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