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6 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

6 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

Whether your bathroom is small or large, clever storage solutions are always welcome. We recently turned to Pinterest to find some great ideas that can be installed with relative ease.

1. This is one of our favorites! What a genius idea. Install an outlet in a drawer, where you can store your hair dryer, curling iron, etc.

2. Along the same lines, here is another clever way of storing your hair styling items – in a drawer with built in cups for brush, comb, hair dryer, and cord. Brilliant!

3. For those who like to keep things REALLY organized, here is a beautiful cabinet with a door-mounted rack for shampoo and lotion bottles and shelves for towels, toilet paper, etc. There’s even a slide out hamper to keep those dirty clothes out of site. Love it.

4. Another great idea for laundry. Put this in your bathroom and laundry room to sort clothes BEFORE you do the wash. So clever.

5. This is more form than function, but we thought it was too pretty not to share. Thick rustic wooden shelves create surfaces on which to store necessary items in this small bathroom.

6. And finally, here’s a cute idea using mason jars mounted on a wooden plank to store small toiletry items like cotton balls, makeup brushes, and Q-Tips. Who thinks of these things??

Share some of your ideas with us on our Pinterest page!

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