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5 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen

5 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen

We came across this article on (Kohler is one of our featured manufacturers) and couldn’t wait to share. Written by Heather Jennings, interior stylist and blogger, this post has some very useful tips for designing a small kitchen to work the best for your family.

Here are her top 5 tips for making the most of a small kitchen:

1. Use drawers instead of cabinets for the majority of storage.

Our 8-foot island is built over the top of a series of deep drawers which house our arsenal of utensils, bakeware, cookware, and food storage containers. Because drawers pull out, they allow access to everything kept behind closed doors in the kitchen and they are easier to clean and organize than deep cabinets. We even have drawer systems inside our pantry cabinetry.

2. Make the most of your space.

I knew I wanted to have full-sized kitchen features including a professional size range, so we built the island unfettered by appliances to gain counter space, and we chose the Prolific sink from Kohler. It’s been said that beauty is the harmony of purpose and form, and this sink is a natural.

When I pictured our new kitchen in my head, I saw a clear view of the trees outside, unobstructed by drying racks and gadgets, after all, with no walls our kitchen will always be on display. I spend a lot of time working around the kitchen sink. In our house there are always dishes to be done; dinner prep, school lunches to take apart, and an endless stream of water glasses that seem to pool in the sink.I tend to move back and forth between the sink and other prep surfaces for tasks, doing a little kitchen work dance.

3. Use an all-white color palette.

White reflects light, it reads clean, and it allows everything to pop, and in an open floor plan it can create continuity. We used Benjamin Moore’s Simply White throughout the house, employing white on white details with elongated glazed porcelain subway tile to the ceiling of the back wall and speckled white quartz countertops to bounce light and add texture.

4. Leave the counters uncluttered. Pull out what you need when you need it.

We built a large cabinet bank with pull-out drawers around the refrigerator to house the the pantry and our large collection of kitchen gadgets, from juicers to food processors, waffle irons and ice cream makers, it’s all at our fingertips, but hidden behind closed doors. When we peer into the kitchen from our living room area it’s just clean lines and windows.

5. Design for everyone.

The kitchen is our hub for everything, it’s where homework is done, where we eat the majority of our meals, where everyone lingers when we have company. Building this large prep island with four counter-height stools gives us the room to multi-task in our small space.We designed the kitchen with low pull out storage for the kids cups and plates, with a water dispenser on the refrigerator door, and a designated pantry drawer for their snacks and quick meals.In this way the kitchen works for everyone in the family. Thinking ahead and tailoring the space to your specific needs makes every detail count.

To read the entire post, click here >>


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