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5 Tips to Keep Your Home Remodel Costs Down

5 Tips to Keep Your Home Remodel Costs Down

If you are doing a purely cosmetic home remodel, then your budget will be set based on whatever you can conveniently spend at the time. If you are doing a more intensive remodel which requires changes to plumbing or electric, then some of the costs may be out of your hand. Regardless of the scope of your remodel, these tips can help you keep your costs down.

Choose the Right Contractor

There are many places you can save during your remodel, but your contractor shouldn’t be one of them. By choosing a “budget” contractor, you are setting yourself up for problems. In addition to potentially-faulty work, cheap contractors often won’t work closely with you or respect your wishes (or budget). Since your contractor is key to a successful remodel and staying within budget, it is wise to spend a bit more for a true expert.

Read the Contract Carefully

Make sure that you understand exactly what is covered in scope of the project. Pay particular attention to whether permits and fees are covered by the contractor. Many homeowners forget this aspect and then have to spend considerable time and money to obtain necessary permits themselves.

Get a Labor Breakdown On the Plans

It is incredibly important to have detailed plans for your remodel. This will help ensure you don’t face unexpected costs or that your project gets out of hand. One area of planning which many people forget is to breakdown the amount of time and labor each part of the project will take. The more labor intensive a part of the project is, the more it will cost.

Have your contractor give a time and cost breakdown of each part of the project. Ask your contractor if there are any alternative solutions to the most laborious and costly aspects of the remodel.

Don’t Get Drawn In By Trends and Fads

Try not to let your design plans be influenced by what is trendy at the moment or what your neighbors have recently done. While it is a perfectly good idea to look for inspiration from trends, the design must ultimately suit your lifestyle.

Spend Big On Important Items and Leave Other Items for Later

There are some areas of a home remodel that you shouldn’t try to skimp on, such as when upgrading to energy-efficient appliances or putting down quality flooring. Make sure you budget for these big, essential areas first. Then you can see what you have in your budget for purely decorative or cosmetic items. Some fixtures and appliances you might be able to upgrade later on, thus stretching your budget better.

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