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5 Quick Fixes to Update Your Bathroom

5 Quick Fixes to Update Your Bathroom

The bathroom is known as one of the most used rooms of the home and often has a strong influence on the value of the property. Homeowners are often more comfortable with their home with an updated bathroom that looks new and fresh. To enjoy a space where you can ready each morning or bathe, there are a few quick fixes to make to update your bathroom and allow it to stand out.

1. New Hardware

Although your cabinets may look old and outdated, it doesn’t mean that you have to replace them to give the bathroom a makeover. Opt for giving the cabinets a fresh coat of paint and new hardware for a modern style that looks current. You can also re-stain the cabinets if you want to still incorporate wood in the room. The hardware can be purchased at any home improvement store and is easy to install for a DIY project that you can do yourself in minutes. If the hardware doesn’t look too outdated, you can consider refinishing the surface of each piece and reglazing them for an updated appearance that is current.

2. Add Wallpaper

More bathrooms are getting updated with wallpaper instead of paint for a fresh and bold style that enhances the aesthetics of the room. Applying wallpaper will set the tone of the setting and can contribute to the design of the home. Consider using a print that features oversized florals or stripes to create a contemporary style that is modern.

If the bathroom is already small, you may want to avoid wallpapering each wall, which can make it feel tiny. Instead, create an accent wall with the wallpaper and paint the surrounding walls a complementary color to create an optical illusion that enhances the size of the bathroom.

3. New Showerhead

Update your shower with a new showerhead, which will allow you to enjoy a more luxurious time bathing with the feature. Choose a showerhead that has a moderate amount of pressure and can easily be adjusted to enjoy customized settings that are specific to your preferences.

4. Install a Framed Mirror

Allow the mirror that’s used above the sink to contribute to the style of the bathroom by using a framed mirror. This will allow the bathroom to feel cozier and more high-end instead of relying on a frameless mirror that blends in with the wall. You can also match the framed artwork in the bathroom with the mirror for a complimentary style that looks uniform and professionally decorated.

5. Install Light Sconces

The lights in your bathroom will ultimately determine how updated the room feels and is one of the main features that contributes to the appearance of the room. Update the sconces and consider installing one on either side of the mirror that is used above the sink to create a balanced look that feels like a spa.

Instead of having to remodel your bathroom when you want to give it an upgrade, there are a number of quick fixes that are available to update the space and increase your home’s appeal. Although you might not consider yourself a handyman or DIYer, there are still simple projects that you can perform yourself to transform the room and make it a place that feels like home.


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