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5 Kitchen Items to Add To Your Wish List

5 Kitchen Items to Add To Your Wish List

If you are planning a kitchen remodel any time soon, here are a few products to add to your wish list. These are some of our favorite “extras”. They may seem like luxury items, but if you are still in the planning stages, now is the perfect time to dream big.

1. Pot filler

Nothing says convenience like a separate faucet by your stove that has the sole purpose of filling a huge pot with water for pasta. This is really nice to have especially if your sink is filled with dishes!

2. Apron front sink

Apron front – or farmhouse – sinks are all the rage, and for good reason. They are deep, ergonomically designed to prevent you from having to lean over, and are attractive.

3. Hands-free faucet

Envision yourself cooking in the kitchen, your hands are messy, and you need to turn on the water but you don’t want to spread germs after working with raw meat. A touchless faucet solves this problem. With style.

4. 5-burner gas range

Okay, we admit. This one may be over the top, especially considering not every home is equipped with gas. But it sure would be nice to have such a beautiful and functional stove to create culinary sensations on.

5. Wine fridge

And for our final kitchen wish list item…a wine fridge. A separate refrigerator just to keep your wine collection at the perfect temperature and readily available with which to serve and impress guests.

Happy planning!

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