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5 Faucet Facts You May Not Know

5 Faucet Facts You May Not Know

The faucet is perhaps one of the hardest working fixtures in any kitchen today but with so many finishes and design options to choose from it’s now easier than ever to combine durability with style. We may take the humble faucet for granted, but here are some facts you may not know about its history.

Fact 1 – The First Valve Patent

It’s believed that the Romans invented the first in-home faucets with simple plug valves that could be rotated to control the flow of water, but the globe valve used in faucets as we know today was first patented in 1870 by J.H Davis.

Fact 2 – The First Mixer Faucet

Most people consider the mixer faucet to be a relatively modern invention but it was first patented in 1880 by inventor Thomas Brunswick.

Fact 3 – Unusual Faucet Materials

Popular faucet materials include stainless steel, brass, copper, zinc alloys, and pewter. Modern techniques used in plating and coating have made it possible to imitate just about any kind of finish you want. However, it’s also possible to create a slightly more unusual style statement with faucets made of glass, ceramics, or even wood.

Fact 4 – The Single-Handed Mixing Faucet

The single-handed mixing faucet is the faucet of choice in around 70 percent of American homes today. It was invented by Alfred M. Moen in the 1930s but it took him over 10 years to convince a plumbing manufacturer to put it into production.

Fact 5 – A Faucet by Any Other Name

Commonly known as the faucet in the U.S., it’s known as the tap in the U.K. and many other countries. Most nations use a color-coding system of red for hot water and blue for cold water but the letters H and C might also be used to indicate hot and cold. However, in some European countries including France, the letter C will give you hot water instead of cold as the C stands for chaud (meaning hot) and the letter F for froid will give you cold.


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